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Hello everyone,

I have been working on implementing physics in Wintermute and have came up with a small sample 3D project. Basically it is just a ball dropping. Choose the height to drop the ball. For extra effect, drop the ball while making the ball move by clicking on a spot on the plain, or using arrow keys. It is a very basic project, and not sure how physics in WME might be useful, but I really see a lot of potential in the Wintermute engine. By the way, this is NOT a plug-in, it is just plain code in the engine .

(Make sure to extract files before playing :P)


can you re upload the file? It seems to be missing. I'd like to try the physics demo.

Thank you!

It looks quite useful and impressble!, but out of link now... Would you please check uploaded file again?

the link dont work  :-X

Thank you!  ::rock


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