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"Ode to Scripting"



Ode to WME Scripting

scripting is prone to errors and crashes
and through buggy code every programmer trashes
but suppose there existed an engine so grand
with scripting and toying around hand-in-hand

imagine interface elements, 'actors' and sprites
arranged in a versatile tool of delights
and every latest compile of its source code
available, free on a website for download

while unseasoned programmers flock to debate
dozens of upcoming features await
and scripting has never been neater than that
of ActObj.CanHandleEvent("LookAt")

Scarpia  8) revealing a truly corny talent


Mnemonic - Is this going to be in the manual now? ;D

Hehe, cool!  ;D

--- Quote ---Mnemonic - Is this going to be in the manual now? ;D

--- End quote ---
Well, I'm considering adding an "Ode" section to the docs :) I already have the "Ode to WME" written by Eric Stembridge:

Wintermute, we love thee
We hold our mouse on high

If we didn't have WME,
We'd wait for SCRAMM... and die

Hey! Someone beat me to it? Darn!



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