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Any Linux developers out there?

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Hey folks, I was just wondering if there's anyone interested in adopting and maintaining a Linux build of WME Lite. It shouldn't be terribly hard, it's mainly about compiling the dependencies and preparing build files. Perhaps also preparing some way of distributing the games using WME Lite.

Sadly, I have zero experience with Linux development myself (last time I used Linux seriously was in the late 1990s :)) and I don't have time delve into it right now. But maybe you know of some skilled Linux developer who would be interested in helping with the project (or maybe you are one!). If so, please point them in this direction 8)

Hi Mnemonic,

I can give this a try when I'm finished pushing all my WME1 changes to you. I'm not too good at creating Makefiles or "./configure" scripts, but usually I get stuff to compile sooner or later :) So if nobody else steps up who has more experience in creating a proper Linux source package and handling dependencies in the right way, I can take a look.

That would be awesome! :)

Do I understand correctly that this is a little step in the direction of Android? :)

Hi Mnemonic,

I tried it the quick and dirty way, WME lite compiles for Linux (tested on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit).

The compiler emits a lot of warnings. The one warning about "typedef ignored" I cannot silence without a source code change, so can you please apply commit 27cf77c from the forked version if it does not break the other builds?

Then there are a lot of warnings about using string literals which are passed to functions that do not define the character sequence as "const" - these I can switch off easily. I don't think you want to go through the painful process of fixing that ;)

Some more warnings appear that NULL is assigned to a non-pointer type - I switched them off as well. These would probably be easier to fix (and there's only a couple of them), but I don't know whether it is worth the effort.

The rest of warnings is here:

--- Code: ---./BGame.cpp:4758:7: Warnung: mehrere Token am Ende der Direktive #else [standardmäßig aktiviert]
./BGame.cpp: In Elementfunktion »virtual HRESULT CBGame::ScCallMethod(CScScript*, CScStack*, CScStack*, char*)«:
./BGame.cpp:2088:32: Warnung: Format »%x« erwartet Argumenttyp »unsigned int«, aber Argument 3 hat Typ »crc {aka long unsigned int}« [-Wformat]

--- End code ---
just FYI. Nothing serious I would say.

I tested the sample game, I could play it but it segfaulted on exit. I'll see whether that is in WME or one of the libraries.


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