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Let's taq steam WME games

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There are plenty of WME games available on steam which added a few months ago the feature to tag games with words so it's easier to search for them. For those tags to be visible and searchable to show results a lot of people must choose them. My suggestion is to tag wme games with "Wintermute Engine" so please help with that.

Games I'm 100% certain are WME:
Lost crown
Darkfall 3
Face Noir
A stroke of fate - operation valkyrie
Shadows on the vatican - act1
Reversion ep1 & ep2
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches
J.U.L.I.A. Among the stars
Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting [Enhanced Edition]
A Carol Reed Mystery: Bosch's Damnation
A Carol Reed Mystery: Shades of black

Please if you know of any other game let us know but only if you are certain. For example Hamlet is a wme game but in some platforms they used a different engine and since I don't have it I can't be sure what the steam version uses.

If you tag make sure you use "Wintermute Engine". Variations don't count as the same.

Added "Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches" to the list.

K. Janeway:
How about: Bosch's Damnation? The latest Carol Reed game.  :)

It's not a steam game afaik.

K. Janeway:
Ah, I got mixed up there.  :-[
Probably because you can vote for it on steam...
Well, that's what happens when you Think too fast, hehe.  ::)


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