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Hi guys,

A small update: I've released a new demo on You can download it here:

This demo includes a new game mode, which is basically a jigsaw puzzle. The painting is broken into 35 puzzle pieces. You will have to assemble the pieces in order to form the painting. I am thinking about adding a score system in the future, so feedback is appreciated.

I will add features and new paintings in time, but progress will be slow as I am working on this in my free time.
I am also considering writing how I made the jigsaw puzzle, if anyone is interested. Though, tbh, my implementation is a bit messy and most of you would probably manage more elegant implementations.

In any case, I'd love to hear impressions on the new game mode.

I like it.
If you later want to post the code I'd love to watch it.
An observation, when you exit the puzzle, menu is no longer visible and you must close the game and restart it.
Also it would be nice that when a piece is properly inserted it is automatically aligned with each other and possibly we can then move the entire group at once.
Thank you

The menu is still there, even after you exit puzzle mode - you have to press ESC to bring up the menu, in the scene with the gallery (the initial scene). I should've made that more clear.

Hi guys. I've recently resumed work on this project.
I'm wondering if anyone would like to test the game. I'm looking for bugs, feedback and everything that may help.

I'll have a test build available soonish and I'll send keys on to everyone that would like to help me test it or offer feedback.

Hi mihaipuiucernea :)

It sounds great! Sure, I would like to test your game.


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