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A little bit more info. I would like to explain the three game modes.

First there is the 'Analysis & Interpretation' game mode. In this mode, you will examine various elements from the painting and you will receive a description that will represent an analysis of each particular element from the painting. These descriptions could be related to the painter's style or to the story depicted in the painting, etc. In this game mode you can also simply enjoy the paintings while you explore/examine it.
Once all of the important elements are examined, you will be asked to tweet your interpretation of the painting. This will be used in the 'Guess the Painting' mode.

The second game mode is 'Test Your Knowledge' and as its name implies, it will put your knowledge of famous paintings to the test. This game mode is very similar to hidden objects games, in that each painting has added (or missing) elements that you will have to spot.

The last game mode is 'Guess the Painting'. In this mode I will take people's interpretation (which they tweeted using the ColorsOnCanvas hashtag) but I will also add some myself and from them, the game will randomly choose one and show it to you. You will then have to guess the painting that matches the interpretation/description. I might implement a score system, depending on how many times you guess/fail to guess.

I will soon release a short demo featuring a beta of the 'Analysis & Interpretation' game mode of Paolo Uccello's Saint George and the Dragon. You can also reach me on twitter:

Hi guys,

I published a small demo on GameJolt:

Please try it and rate it. It's just a painting and a single game mode; also no soundscape and music yet. I would love to hear what you think about it. Thanks!

Edit: I had to re-upload the game. The first build had a bug that made it impossible to play. Now it's working.

Hi guys,

I've launched an Epocu campaign for Colors on Canvas:

Epocu is an easy and free way to hype upcoming games and I hope I can generate some hype this way, even though educational games aren't exactly in the top of gamers' preferences. Please support if you can, it won't cost you anything. On the Epocu page there is also a link to the pre-alpha build (the same link as in my previous post) if you didn't test it yet.

The game has a Facebook page:
If you like the concept and are interested, I would appreciate it if you like the page and help spread the word.

Thank you!

Hi mihaipuiucerbea

Thanks for the posting on your learning game. I will certainly have a look at it.

I am an instructional designer looking at game engines to create "learning" games as well. I recently developed a simple demo fishing "game" (not a learning title, just practice!) in an e-learning authoring tool. I want to develop a "battleship" type game to get some practice with the game development tools and then go on to build an adventure game. I like the Myst series adventure games and would like to build something with that look and feel. Hoping Wintermute will turn out to be a useful tool.

My fishing game is in Flash format as well as HTML5 for mobile. Here are the links to that game if anyone is interested.


HTML5 mobile




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