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Does WME light now support 64 bit apps for iOS ? It is now required to have apps 64 bit to submit to the appstore. I already changed the architecture settings in Xcode for 64 bit for my WME Lite game, and it is still saying the app is not 64 bit. I should also state that I have all the latest WME dependencies and project files from BitBucket. Any help anyone?

The program ran fine, but when I changed to 64 bit, I got these errors:

I believe the dependend libraries from bitbucket do not include support for 64 bit, thus it won't compile.

I am trying to generate Mac dependencies from my Android dependencies (which I already saw working on 64 bit), but only for my fork that does not include theora playback. I am making slow progress, because I'm totally new to the Mac environment.

So you you think that WME Lite is completely useless and broken since it wont work for 64 bit apps?

No, I don't think so. The lite engine is running in 64 bit on Linux and Android at least, so I don't see a general 64 bit issue. The iOS platform just needs updated dependencies.


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