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Krabat a potajnstwo serbskeho krala

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after 6 years of work we released our WME (lite) based adventure "Krabat a potajnstwo serbskeho krala" (Krabat and the mystery of the sorbian king). It is an old-school point&click adventure, loosely based on the legend of Krabat, which is famous in our region.

The game is in sorbian and german only, unfortunately no english version.

Visit for more information. And of yourse, you can order a copy here:

A free Windows 10 demo has been released. Feel free to check it out:

Any feedback is welcome, especially to the relatively "fresh" Windows RT port of the wmelite engine.

We have released a free Android demo. Please check it out:

We are very curious about your feedback, especially due to the huge variety of Android devices.

Finally, after passing the review, here's the free ios app:

What a cool engine that works on 3 mobile platforms!

We have now finalized the Android & iOS version of our game:

The 1st chapter of the game is free. If you want to continue playing, you need to acquire the game via in-app-purchase.

Currently, the game is in German and Sorbian.

The Windows 10 UWP version is to be released soon.


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