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Proof of concept: script compiler library for Linux



I managed to get the script compiler library to integrate into WME Lite on Linux (32 bit tested so far). The code needed only minor adaptations. Looks like this can be achieved for the other supported platforms as well (and then cleaned up and merged into the original sources and so on).

My question: Is there a need from anybody for such a solution, so that it makes sense to come from a "proof-of-concept" dirty hack to a clean implementation?

I was thinking about having this available for Android, to be able to develop & test scripts without having to compile packages first. I wonder though whether there is a reasonable work flow that benefits from this solution.

I wonder if your compiler could be used for building a Linux version of my adventures. Is that true?


To run your adventures in Linux (without emulation), just make sure that you can play them using WME lite. Then the OS does not matter, and it should run on Windows (traditional Desktop), Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows (UWP app).

The script compiler for Linux (and other unixoid systems) is useful if you want to compile scripts without the WME Project Manager. For instance, if you want to develop and test a game with WMElite in Linux, without emulating the Windows WME tools. This scenario is probably not very likely.

So far, the "best" usage I found is the WME development app for Android. You can use it with both your game compiled as packages, but alternatively also the project sources only. The script compiler will then compile the scripts on demand. Script compilation seems to be a compute intensive task, on Android you'll see the difference in startup and scene change time instantly. The advantage is that for development you just need to sync your changes, not always the whole project.


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