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Create .apk from precompiled sources in windows Help please....

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Try running from the jni folder:
D:\dokumenty\wmeprojects\dependencies-for\dependencies\freeimage3154\jni> ndk-build
But on Windows, I get other errors. I compile libraries on Linux, so I can't help here.

Some bugs have reported this and are not running correctly. What version of android and java do you use when compiling?

You do not need Java to compile libraries.
I am using Android NDK r16b.
To build the APK on Windows installed Java 1.8.0.

I'll try it on win XP. Is it possible to compile it on linux Mint? Or can you send me precompiled libraries?
Or will I send ".dcp" and you would do .apk? (this option will be complicated, my project is not yet complete, but I need to find out how it works on a mobile with an android)

You can install Linux on a virtual machine, for example, Ubuntu. And there compile libraries.

To test your project, you can install this application:
Archives must be placed in the root of the SD card.

Here is a project with compiled libraries for Eclipse:


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