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No more updates for Wintermute?

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I see a little stunned how this project has been abandoned without anyone taking care of it.
AGS was on the verge of disappearing and the community asked its creator to give them the code to continue maintaining it and release new versions. Currently it can be exported to Linux and supports 1080p resolution.
Has anyone contacted Mnemonic to see if they want to give up the program? Unfortunately I don't know much about programming so I put this for someone who wants to take over.

The engine has been opensource for years.
You can find the sources for WME & WME Lite here. Searching around the web you can also find a few, not actively developed, forks of wme lite from other developers. SCUMMVM has also incorporated WME engine and various games run well enough.

It's a pity because it was much better software than AGS and much more powerful.
Doesn't anyone want to encourage you to join a group of people to continue with the development? I would but my knowledge is very limited.

I share your views however to take WME from where it is now to where it would need to would involve a fundamental re design and re write. Our current project K Nossos is the last one we will use WME for. It gives me no pleasure to say that, but simply a pragmatic realisation that in order to make our products a little more flexible in respect of the platforms we want to support then going to another engine is the only answer.

I agree that it's extremely sad that WME isn't updated anymore. I've tried all the other major adventure game engines, and no other even comes close to WME for me. Visionare, for example, is a good engine with certain features that I would love to see in WME (primarily portability and scalable resolution), but it would take me at least 3 times longer to make a game with it.

And now we're all in desperate need of 64-bit, since Mac has dropped its support for 32-bit.


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