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Forum rules - please read before posting, it can save you a lot of time.

Author Topic: *** WME forum rules - please read before posting ***  (Read 57713 times)

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*** WME forum rules - please read before posting ***
« on: July 22, 2006, 01:13:37 PM »

WME forum rules

1) Be polite to others:
  • Don't start useless flamewars. Solve personal differences in private, don't start "holy adventure engine wars", respect the work of others.
  • Don't spam the forum with useless or advertisement posts. Spam will be deleted and spammers will be banned.
  • Try to help the others if you can! When you need some help, perhaps they'll repay you.
  • On the other hand, when someone helps you, the least you can do is to thank them...
  • Don't write topic names IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Your topic will not get more attention, quite the contrary, you'll annoy a lot of people.
2) When you're reporting bugs or describing your problem:
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible. Remember the others are not visionaries. The best you can do is to describe step-by-step how to replicate the problem and or WME/tools crash. I recommend everyone to read this nice and true article about bug reporting.
  • If the game reports "Runtime error. View log for details" it tries to suggest you to look into a log file, which is generated as the game runs (it's the wme.log file in your project directory). You will find there detailed information about the error. The same information is displayed in the debug console if you run the game from ProjectMan.
  • Generally speaking, if there's some problem you don't understand, look into the log file first, to see if it contains some errors or warnings. It will save you a lot of time.
  • When posting, try to make clear whether you're using 2D actors or 3D actors. It can make a huge difference sometimes.
  • If your game exhibits some strange graphical artifacts or glitches, it often helps to update your video card drivers. Do NOT underestimate outdated drivers, they DO cause problems!
  • If you are reporting a problem, write the configuration of your computer, expecially the Windows version you're using, your video card type and the memory size.
  • If you are posting pieces of script, use proper indentation and enable syntax coloring, as described HERE.
  • If WME crashes, it allows you to upload the crash report to the website. Use this option.
  • If you are experiencing some mysterious problem, sometimes the fastest way is to create some minimal test project exhibiting the problem and sending the project to Mnemonic for testing. But never send huge files by email without prior announcement! It's better to upload the files somewhere and only post a link. If you don't want to post the link in the public part of the forum, use private messaging.
  • Remember: the extensive WME documentation (you have the offline version installed, just press F1 in ProjectMan), WME Resource Center (everyone can contribute!), Free Online WME Book by metamorphium
3) Miscelaneous:
  • Don't edit your posts to add more info, make a new post instead. Many forum members are using RSS readers and they might miss your modifications.
  • Don't post in threads older than a few months. Better start a new thread instead.
  • Only use this forum for getting WME technical support. Don't send Mnemonic emails, private messages, don't stalk him on IRC/ICQ/MSN/Whetever.
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