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Hi all,

When my actor performs an action, I want the game to always turn "Game.Interactive" to false. Instead of entering the false/true lines for every event in every script, I figured I could easily do this in one place by adjusting the onLeftClick event. This may save me lots of redundant lines of code in the future.  ;) Unfortunately, I have a problem.  :'( This is what I do:

Code: WME Script
  1. on "LeftClick"
  2. {
  3.   var ActObj = Game.ActiveObject; // Retrieves object under mouse cursor, if any
  4.   if(ActObj!=null) // we did click an object
  5.   {
  7. //Code cutted away to keep the example simple. We go straight to case 1, which is triggered when the mouse pointer is 1, or "LookAt"
  9.   case 1:
  10.     if(ActObj.CanHandleEvent("LookAt")) ActObj.ApplyEvent("LookAt");
  11.     else actor.Talk("What's so special about it?");
  12.     break;
  14.     //Code cutted away. (The other cases)
  17.     WaitFor(actor); //Let actor finish his event
  18.     Game.Interactive = true; //Give control back to player
  19.   }
  20. }

The problem is that I don't get back control of the game. Game.Interactive remains false. The funny thing is that when I use the debugger and step through the script, it suddenly DOES work.

The reason why I added the WaitFor(actor) command is that if I don't -- the game gives back control to the player while the actor still has to perform his actions.

What am I doing wrong?

Or perhaps there is a better way of accomplishing my goal?


Can't reproduce / BSOD during designtime with WME 1.8.006
« on: December 27, 2008, 03:32:00 PM »
I'm following some tutorials to get a taste of WME, as I'm considering switching to this engine. Unfortunately, Windows crashes very often when clicking buttons or even switching to the project manager. I get a BSOD and have to reboot.

I'm using the stable version (1.8.006), and running Windows XP SP3. One important thing to mention, perhaps, is that I'm running it with a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion 2.something), because I have a Mac. The games themselves are behaving OK, the crashes occur during designtime.

Anyone else running a Virtual Machine? Or is this a known error in 1.8.006 and should I upgrade?

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