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Technical forum / Cannot get globals to be "globals"
« on: April 01, 2009, 12:42:25 AM »

I think I have worked it out it seems you have use the global prefix prior to using the variable in other scripts, that's fine, but my thinking was that if you re-used the global prefix you would re-initialise the variable - perhaps you can confirm these assumptions for me.

Probably doing something very obvious incorrectly here.  I am trying to use globals for games state, and they don't appear to work, I have looked at the thing a number of times, and even used the globals that are automatically initialised, but they don't seem to be visible to other procedures

this is the debug list

00:21: Compiling script 'scenes\greendale\scr\pat.script'...
00:21:   Error@line 26: Variable 'Stategreendale' is referenced but not defined
00:21: Compiling script 'scenes\greendale\scr\pat.script'...
00:21:   Error@line 62: Variable 'SpeechTrigger' is referenced but not defined
00:21: Compiling script 'scenes\greendale\scr\cu_background.script'...
00:21:   Error@line 4: Variable 'SpeechTrigger' is referenced but not defined
00:21: Shutting down...
00:21: Shutting down scripting engine

and the offending code is in three scripts, the two globals Stategreendale ( system generated) and SpeechTrigger are initialised in screen_init.script.

global Stategreendale;
global SpeechTrigger = 0;

in the script oat.script both are assigned values

Stategreendale.Visited = true;   - line 26
 SpeechTrigger = 1;  - line 62

in the script cu_background.script

if (SpeechTrigger ==1);

is there some switch I need to set for globals to work ?

Technical forum / probably a simple question
« on: March 18, 2009, 12:45:55 AM »
probably going to appear a naive idiot with this question.

Are there any limitations as to where I can place a function - I can create a function perfectly well in the screen-init script, but if I try and create the same function in a script which is linked to an entity I get a compiler error, any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong I

the function is very simple

function xray ()


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