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Technical forum / Re:WME and QFGish Adventure Game
« on: April 15, 2004, 04:45:27 PM »
wow you guys really work fast  :D!!!
This is also a good argument for deciding to use WME!!

Thanks very much for your replies.

@Odnorf: Thanks for putting the link for the SFLAH site. I don't know if you have seen that it has been completely updated.

@McCoy: Thank you, I am currently downloading the Sunny Demo. I gues the math.dll will not be included in that package?? Otherwise I was not able to find it on my own, if you could send me an email with the dll file would be swell.

@Mnemoic: I guess there are problems concerning having your buttons pressed all the time to have your character walk around. Maybe like in old Sierra SCI games you press the button once and the character starts moving until you press that or any other button again. It may be kind of tricky for a player to get used to that but I think it could still work.
But I am curious to hear about your elegant solution!!!


thanks guys.

Technical forum / Re:WME and QFGish Adventure Game
« on: April 15, 2004, 08:11:55 AM »
Thanks for your quick reply. It was very helpful, I will try out the fading methods ASAP!!!

About the combat system. I was thinking about implementing it in the way of the old Mindscape game "Moonstone". So basically you keep your scene and have 2 actors walking around hacking and slashing at each other.
You would use the cursor keys to move and 1-4 assigned combat buttons to attack and block.
I thought about using the coordinates of the characters and when they are close enough they are able to reach each other. Calculating the combat stats with the random dice roll your oponent blocks your hit or not, while you have to either walk away or push your block button when he hits at you.
I am more concerned about the AI, though.
Well in Moonstone the boars just ran from left to right at high speed. Can you actually have the oponent actor go to to your coordinates in a loop, meaning that wherever you go he follows? And thus when he is in range he will attack you. And thus you could also implement a random action concerning the way he attacks. I was also thinking about ranged attacks, if your enemy has the same height coordinate as you but is too far away concerning the width that he will throw daggers, cast a spell or something.

Technical forum / WME and QFGish Adventure Game
« on: April 15, 2004, 04:11:49 AM »
Hello everyone,

first of all I found out about WME just some weeks ago. I am working on a project called "Struggle for Life and Honour". It is going to be similar (but not totally alike) to Sierra's Quest For Glory Series. It's  a 2D Adventure Game with RPG elements.

Usually it was planned to use AGS and it does work ok. But on trying out WME I would prefer using this engine instead. Alone how the sprites are handled and how you are able to create your own GUI in WME is much better than in AGS imo.

I don't know if these questions have been asked before (I already searched the forums, but maybe I overlooked something)

I would choose to use WME at once if I knew that these options are possible:

- Character Stats management (actually I guess using global variable for stats and using math functions in character actions to manipulate these should have no problems. Anyhow your opinion would be great)

- Day and Night Transition (In the Scene Demo I already saw the timer running, so I can use that to manage an ingame time for the days, but is there a plugin or way to make my scenes fade from day into night images as the day passes?)

- Able to implement a combat system. As it is a quase RPG game there has to be a fighting system. I am not sure at the moment how to implement this, but do you think there are no problems.

btw. I saw in the TODO List that a new function will be added (-actor.SetSprite()). Does that mean that at the moment I am not able to have my character switch sprites. For examples if in the game my character decides a new dress-up, that is not possible at the moment?



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