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Hey game devs,


Throughout the week of Thanksgiving, music libraries will be up to 40% off!

Need custom music for your project? Multiple composer to choose from. Here's a link to listen to cues from each composer.  Contact me through my site and I'll be happy to connect you with the right composer for your media production or produce music myself!

Thanks all and have a great Thanksgiving week!

Peter Gunder

General Discussion / Re: #600 - The unofficial introduce-yourself thread
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:35:25 PM »

Age; My age is revealed below
From: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Composer
Three favourite adventure games: Morrowind, Skyrim or Dungeon of Daggorath, and my first adventure game, Adventure from the 2600 - It had dragons, secret rooms, and keys - it had it all! :) oh, and blocky graphics too!


Hey guys. 50% discount on all Atomspheric Sound Design Libraries and Bundles for a limited time.

Great for sci-fi, ambient, nature, and more.
Currently not taking on more clients for custom music –but  If you're interested drop me a line and maybe I can work you in in the very near future!
(unity3d sample site: – cheaper to buy at currently)

Thanks all!
Peter Gunder
multimedia composer

Hey guys. (HUGE discount for 1 wk 5/18-5/25 on Bargain Zone libraries. Check out info below)

 I'm available for hire as a contractor or full-time / direct hire for studios looking to bring on a versatile composer. check out some of my fantasy based music here.
For those who enjoy the Middle-Earth sound by Howard Shore, check this out . (This is a huge all-in-one music solution for fantasy / epic based games. Combat, taverns, mystical, cities, etc..) ..and it's cohesive, all 192 minutes of it! This huge library was inspired by the original 3 LOTR films. I wanted to give people the ability to have top quality cinematic music in their games w/out breaking the bank. I offer modules of each category (combat, villages, time of day-travel, …) and 3 editions; Premium, Standard, & Basic. Comparison chart is top right of main KoL page.
Killer deals for those on an ultra-tight budget, but great quality. Go to the Bargain Zone page. All 3 packages (cinematic, mystical and suspense, pop/synth) are $15 each. Styles range from cinematic and thematic, to side-scroller music. ONE wk only so get the libraries you want now. (5/18-5/25)
If you're thinking about custom music, check out this page to get started and pricing. Contact me through my site for further questions or if you're ready to work with a composer to bring an OST to your project(s).

My Main site is
(unity3d sample site:, but limited libraries currently)

Thanks guys and have a fantastic week!

Peter Gunder
multimedia composer

Hey guys,

I'm now running a HUGE discount on all libraries up to 75% off for a limited time! Don't let the low prices of these cues fool you.
 These are professional libraries made for high-quality games.
If you have a game that's fantasy based, RPG, or medieval, you'll definitely want to check out the Kingdom of Light libraries if you're in need of rich orchestral music. This music is for those who demand excellent music but cannot afford the $200-$300 per minute of custom music. Reminiscent of Middle-Earth and other epic fantasy films, the Premium Edition has over 3 hours of cues. This is not just a mixture of songs, but this library was in the making for 5 months to be a cohesive aural experience on a grand scale. From the peaceful settings of a hovel town (starter zones), exploration of majestic mountains, deep into caverns and dungeons, royal cities, mystical  landscapes, epic battle sequences to tavern music and more, the Kingdom of Light libraries is sure to bring your game to a pro-audio level at an ultra-affordable price!

Please check out the reviews or simple listen for yourself.

I'm also available for hire for your next project! Whether it's a subtle piano cue or full orchestra score,  I have a wide selection of styles I can produce at various budgets. If you're curious of what I can produce for your game, check out my site for the wide range of styles. Hit me up through my website for questions and pricing!

Thanks for your time and for checking out the reviews. Enjoy the music!  ;)
Peter G.

Hello game devs,

I'm a composer for film and games and am available for hire for your next project. I have a wide selection of styles I can produce at various budgets (depending on complexity, non-exclusive/exclusive, mastering, etc..) Hit me up through my site for questions and pricing!

I also have a nice selection of royalty-free music ranging from full orchestra cues to exotic sci-fi drone and sound fx. For a limited time all Atmospheric Sound Design Libraries are 50% off.

Last, but not least, Dark Orchestra is now available! Here's the short description, “Heroism, villainy, visceral tension, drama, adventure, and mystery are all present in this boutique sound package. These are not light and cheery pieces. This music is dark, heavy, potent, and custom designed to add gravity and intrigue to the stories you tell.... “. Worth checking out!

Be sure to check out the Products page for all libraries and the Bargain Zone! for additional cues
Thanks guys!

Continuing the 60% off all libraries till Feb.10. Also, the Free Zone is going away shortly so pick up the free cues now if you haven't already. Thanks guys and have a great rest of the month!

I'm a film & game composer. I'm available for custom work for either. I also have a great special running on my Kingdom of Light Premium Edition music library (and other libraries). Below is further info. Feel free to contact for questions.

Kingdom of Light Premium edition is an all-in-one music solution for your MMO, RPG, fantasy, or medieval games. Priced at over 30% off, this is an absolute bargain for serious game developers. As an added bonus, Shadow Kingdom, a $30 extension of Kingdom of Light is included for free! This added library brings cues where the boundary of Kingdom of Light and Shadow Kingdom collide in the territory of the orc lands, ettins, and goblins.

Included modules w/ over 3 hours of orchestrated music:
Time of Day - Exploration music based on dawn, day, dusk, & night\ Dungeons & Caves - Name says it all!
Combat - Full epic battle songs and skirmishes, both in loops
Mystical - Surreal ethereal cues
Special Cues - Needed production ear candy -Doom, Failure, Revard, & much more
Villages - Music to liven up your villages & towns!
Cities - Themes for your cities or to be used while exploring
Themes - For openings, exploration or city music
Haunted Nature - Cues to give background ambient atmosphere
Taverns - Music for your dwarfs to get some fresh honey brew!
Shadow Kingdom - A KoL extension covering the Shadow Kingdom(for a limited time).
Thanks guys and if your needing custom music for your game, trailer, etc. I can be contacted on my website. Cheers!

Help wanted and offered / Free cues - royalty-free
« on: November 12, 2013, 07:37:22 AM »
Hey guys. Just a small way to say thanks!

Enjoy the 6 free songs!


Hey guys, Room for additional clients & big savings on music libraries - up to 60% off! Also, 2 free cues for your projects from the Symphony of Suspense library for a limited time. Enjoy!
FREE - Tracks 9: Suspense Stinger 8
FREE - Track 32: Suspense Loop 7

I have a wide range of styles I can compose in. From orchestral fantasy, (Cinematic Fantasy - Master Collection) to sci-fi. Titan Alien Arrival brings an epic cinematic cue to sci-fi and included in this TITAN library are some very cool ambient & celestial body cues. See below for more custom music info.

4 Product Highlights with 2 new libraries!
KINGDOM OF LIGHT music library is for professional RPG/high-fantasy/adventure games that demand a high-quality orchestral underscore. Included modules: Time of Day (travel/adventure music), Combat(epic & skirmishes), Mystical, Dungeons & Caverns, Taverns, Cities, Villages, & Themes. 192 minutes of cues. If you're developing a great RPG game, now is an excellent time to pick up an Edition or Module(s) at a discount price. Check out reviews or simply listen for yourself. (Top right of KoL web pages is a downloadable pdf product chart listing all content).

2 new music libraries! A sci-fi SFX Humanoid & Insectoid library and a bargain RPG Shadow Kingdom - KOL Extension orchestral library.

NEW! SFX HUMANOID & INSECTOID pack has over 100 sfx ranging from machine/plasma rooms, alarms, computer beeps, to ship noises/attacks. This is created for those needing great sounding sfx with an added bonus of 2 new loopable songs. A perfect compliment to the TITAN sci-fi library or other Atmospheric Sound Design libraries. SFX Humaoid & Insectoid is recommend with TITAN for a 'complete' sci-fi audio solution.

NEW! SHADOW KINGDOM was created to allow those on an ultra tight budget to be able to afford orchestral music, similar in style to the Kingdom of Light music library. Made as a class extension for KoL and cohesive for those who have purchased other KoL Modules or Editions. Ettins, Goblins, and an Orc song inlcuded.

Epic Battle Mammoth Drums is all about big cinematic type drum loops. Derived from our Epic Battle Cinematic Soundtracks library, these loops include dark anvils, huge bass drums, taikos, huge gongs and more. If you're a music producer or a game dev needing battle drum loops, check these out at a great price!

...need some cues/stingers/swells/atmosphere to polish off your Halloween/scary project? Check out Symphony of Suspense(free cue. track 9&32) & Haunted Nature.

I can be contacted through my site to create an exclusive or non-exclusive underscore for your video game OR media/film project. I've worked with indie game developers & film producers at various budgets. I can offer different price points to try to come up with a solution that will work for you within your budget. Basic cues start at approx. $75 per minute.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music, read the reviews and downloading the 2 free cues!


Its not the fact that composers are not needed, its the fact that you keep bumping your post to spam your company. You are not trying to work with people to develop a game, you just want free advertising on this site. I googled your user name and it seems like you spam a lot on practically every game forum out there. There is a difference between trying to work with other people for composing from just flat out spamming like you are. Also FYI, your prices are too high anyways for indie developers.

 I  see your frustration if your presumptions were true, so let's clarify a few things for you and anyone else who may stumble across this.
Bumping a post on average once a month is hardly spamming. As many other composers, I too have royalty-free music that people can purchase. I, along with the other 2 composers I briefly spotted in the forums probably hit 30+ forums to offer services of custom music AND royalty-free music (and at least one of the other composers i'm talking of, hits the forums more often then I. some hit them once every 2 wks offering the same thing I am,....and that's fine). Hitting all the possible game forums is the smart thing to do as a serious artist, animator, composer, software engineer, etc..this is not a negative. Royalty-free music is a great service for people who have a tight budget but cannot afford custom music. I make no apology for offering both services, music libraries and custom music, nor should anyone else. Once again, many composers offer both and 'spam' more then I do. I take very seriously what I do as a composer and business. And both types of clients appreciate this. I also take great care in presenting my music as much in a professional manner as I can for those who can't afford custom music. I can only assume that's why you're presuming "You are not trying to work with people to develop a game, you just want free advertising on this site."  However, i clearly state I'm available for freelance work when I'm not currently working on multiple projects. As of today I'm working with an indie game team creating.....custom music for a console game...that i picked up through a forum. In regards to pricing, I hope in the future you'll change your mind what the value of music is worth in games as many professional indie game developers who already pay these amounts. Of course you shouldn't pay high amounts for a cue that can be produced in a few hours, but I think many fail to realize a 3 minute song can take well over 40 hrs to produce when working with a full orchestra score or highly produced music. This isn't a complaint, it's merely stating the hurdles that game & film composers have to push through.

Best to you,

Help wanted and offered / Re: Composer/Coder looking for projects
« on: August 25, 2013, 02:42:23 AM »
Thank you both!  :)

@bonixmusic: Yeah, you're right about this track. It wasn't a direct influence, but the tune definitely has the feeling of a coldplay song. But with a more minimal sound and without the vocals of course ;)

Just noticed you use blender too. Great free tool! I've been a blender user for about 4 years. Using it currently for designing graphics on my website and working on a grid game. It's a very powerful 3d app.  Unfortunately I have an AMD card so I can't use the GPU with cycles yet :(...but Luxrender is a pretty cool render which will use AMD. Worth checking out if you haven't already. (I believe it's a non-biased renderer). Best to you in your coding and composing work!

It's customary for composers to offer their services on game engine forums for custom music and royalty-free music for game developers.  If a moderator could please address the above post it would be greatly appreciated. If the moderator and/or owner of 'wintermute engine' believes composers are not needed in the production pipeline for the wintermute engine community I'll be more then happy to stop offering my services  Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Peter Gunder

If you represent a game studio, a small indie developer team or an individual, I can create great sounding music for your next project!  If you're looking for professional custom cues, prices start at $50 per minute and upwards to $300 per minute. Package deals can be had so let's talk if you're serious about the full production of your game!

For indie game devs that are on a tight budget, I also offer professional royalty-free game music. I'm still running a HUGE discount of 50% off all libraries for the next 10 days! (Purchasing libraries brings some cues to below $0.99).

For Sci-fi music, check out Atmospheric Sound Design (ASD) – Volume 1 & Volume 2, ASD Sci-Fi Volume 1. And for a killer deal check out Titan. Titan combines all 3 ASD libraries and expands it with additional songs to over 45 tracks. This also includes spaceship sounds of alien and humanoid.

For RPG & Adventure music, you won't want to miss out on the Kingdom of Light Series. Ranging from battle music, tavern music, mystical music, Victory & Death cues, scenic landscape music and much more, this is perhaps the first of it's kind that brings together an all-in-one music solution for high-quality adventure fantasy games. The list price is already an incredible bargain, but throughout this rest of this month it's absurdly low. For those wanting just tavern music, or battle music, etc.. the Kingdom of Light is also broken down into modules to serve specific needs. The Premium edition is the best bargain which includes all cues, 192 minutes.

Horror or suspense music needed? Check out 'Haunted Nature' and 'Symphony of Suspense' for stingers, swells and loops! Created for motion picture, these will add that extra professional audio touch to your games.

8-bit / sidescroller music? Make your gamers smile with 'cues from 'Happy Music'!

..and don't forget UI sounds!!! - Audio Touch.

If you like what you hear, but need custom music. Shoot me an email and we can discuss what your needs are and work on a solution. I'll be more then happy to work with you to bring your game up to the next level through the great sounding soundtrack. Thanks guys and have a great rest of the wk!


I'm running some incredible deals for the month of August. And when I say incredible deals, I'm not talking about low quality music for a low price, rather AAA music at extreme, deep discounts! I provide top-tier music for those who are serious about producing excellent games for the masses.

For SCI-FI game developers, check out 'Titan' for a large library of music and vehicle's sound fx. The list price is already absurdly low. With 45 cues, the very low list price brings each cue to a little over $2.00. The sale price bring it down further to approx. 0.99 per cue. You'll definitely want to jump on this deal if you're needing high-quality sci-fi music now or in the future.

For ADVENTURE, RPG, MMORPG, HIGH-FANTASY game devs, the KINGDOM of LIGHT Modules and Premium, Standard, and Basic Editions remains to be an incredible deal of
professional AAA music at a ridiculously low price. This is truly an ALL-IN-ONE music library. This complete library ranges from epic combats, close range battles, city themes, taverns, dungeons & caves, transitions, mystical environments and huge orchestral cues to name just a few. This is a serious music library for serious game developers who cannot afford $300+ per minute of cinematic custom music. If your fans of orchestra music like LOTR or Skyrim, this could be the perfect solution
for your epic adventure game. Check out the reviews on my site to see what people are saying about it!

Rockstars! Character Music brings a large selection of character, menu music, game play music, AND a great selection of transition music/fx. Created for those who create games with a similar character selection as SSX, all songs are looped with a wide genre selection and named appropriately to help select the 'perfect' song.

Need USER INTERFACE sounds? AUDIO TOUCH has a generous offering of fx, nicely categorized for fast selection. Added to the large selection of UI sounds are 20 transitional cues. Be sure to get your UI sound fx!

For high-fantasy lovers who enjoy John Williams & Danny Elfman music, Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection may be exactly what you're looking for, for your high fantasy game. These are original songs that could be set to a big budget film or big budget game. These are perfect for themes and various other placement.

Custom music - I can be contracted out to do custom music. Orchestra, chip-tunes, ambient, sci-fi, and many other styles. For a good idea of what I can produce for you, listen to the variety of styles on my website. Need a particular type of sound that you don't hear? Contact me and we can discuss it further to get the right sound for your game! Prices start as low as $50 per minute and go up to $300 per minute for top tier music (Kingdom of Light, Cinematic Fantasy)

Peter Gunder

Help wanted and offered / Re: Composer/Coder looking for projects
« on: July 01, 2013, 09:59:41 PM »
Nice work! I really liked the song Waking Up. I could totally hear this as a Coldplay tune with more production added. Not that you were trying for that, it just sounded like a demo track for them minus the vocals for the band :) Good stuff!

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