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Technical forum / Re: Erste Sprache deutsch? Ich brauche deine Hilfe!
« on: August 01, 2009, 11:34:44 AM »
Vielen Dank fuer die zusaetzliche Vorschlaege.

Die Spiel-Uebersetzung ist nicht von mir, sondern einer spezialisierten Firma in Deutschland die, bevor die neue WME-Version erschienen ist, ihre Arbeit gefertigt hat.


Technical forum / Re: Fading Entities.
« on: August 01, 2009, 11:17:18 AM »
Hello Myles

Are you sure it doesn't work? I use that method for fading entities a lot.

BTW, I suggest you change your sleeptime so it's longer than the framerate or it won't work properly if you run the game in a window. So if you're running at 70fps, you want a sleeptime somewhere between that and 24fps, the speed of a movie, so your fade is smooth, so somewhere between 15 and 40 ms.


Technical forum / Re: Erste Sprache deutsch? Ich brauche deine Hilfe!
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:41:58 PM »
It certainly does help orrence. Thanks very much.

I've added to thus:
Code: [Select]
; engine system strings
SYSENG0001 Spieleinstellungen
SYSENG0002 Anzeige
SYSENG0003 Sound
SYSENG0004 Hardware-Beschleunigung verwenden
SYSENG0005 Anzeigegerät:
SYSENG0006 Farben:
SYSENG0007 In Fenster ausführen
SYSENG0008 Multisample-Typ:
SYSENG0009 Hardware-T&L verwenden
SYSENG0010 Mehr ...
SYSENG0011 Soundgerät:
SYSENG0012 Erweiterte Einstellungen
SYSENG0013 Hinweis: Diese Einstellungen dienen nur zur Fehlersuche. Sollte das Spiel korrekt auf Ihrem Computer angezeigt werden, brauchen Sie keine dieser Optionen auszuwählen.
SYSENG0014 Textureinstellungen
SYSENG0015 16-Bit-Texturen verwenden
SYSENG0016 Texturaufteilung verwenden
SYSENG0017 16 Bit
SYSENG0018 32 Bit
SYSENG0019 [kein Sound]
SYSENG0020 kein(e)
SYSENG0021 Samples
SYSENG0022 Antialiasing:
SYSENG0023 x
SYSENG0024 Dieses Fenster nicht erneut anzeigen.
SYSENG0025 Dieses Spiel erfordert eine 3-D-Beschleunigung, die Ihre Grafikkarte offenbar nicht unterstützt. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich, dass Ihre Grafikkarte 3-D-Beschleunigung unterstützt und dass Sie die aktuellsten Grafiktreiber installiert haben.
SYSENG0026 Dieses Spiel erfordert Microsoft DirectX 8.0 oder höher, welches nicht auf Ihrem Computer installiert ist. Bitte installieren Sie DirectX 8.0 oder höher und versuchen Sie es erneut. Möchten Sie jetzt die DirectX-Download-Seite aufrufen?
SYSENG0027 Lädt …

SYSENG0030 Zugänglichkeit
SYSENG0031 Diese Optionen sollen die Zugänglichkeit für Spieler mit Sehbehinderungen erhöhen.
SYSENG0032 Geschriebenen Text an Text-Sprachausgabe senden
SYSENG0033 Untertitel der Gegenstände vorlesen
SYSENG0034 Gesprochenen Text vorlesen
SYSENG0035 Eingegebene Buchstaben vorlesen
SYSENG0036 Aktive Gegenstände mit Tastaturkürzeln markieren
SYSENG0037 Mauszeiger zum aktiven Gegenstand bewegen
SYSENG0038 (Mit Strg + Tab und Strg + Umschalt + Tab durch aktive Gegenstände blättern)
SYSENG0039 Spiel jederzeit mit Strg + Leertaste anhalten
SYSENG0040 Spiel angehalten. Zum Fortfahren Strg + Leertaste drücken.

SYSENG0050 Über
SYSENG0051 Ermöglicht durch Wintermute Engine
SYSENG0070 Seitenverhältnis beibehalten

SYSENG0100 O. K.
SYSENG0101 Abbrechen

Technical forum / Erste Sprache deutsch? Ich brauche deine Hilfe!
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:06:13 AM »
Spricht jemand hier deutsch zu ersten Sprache? Wenn so, kannst du mir sagen wie man auf deutsch "Maintain Aspect Ratio" sagen wuerde? Das ist eine Phrase im, die ich ins Deutsche nicht uebersetzen konnte.

Bedanke mich.

Technical forum / Re: Timing different in windowed mode
« on: July 11, 2009, 11:48:33 AM »

So that would explain the problem with the fades (255 to 0, step 1, so sleep is shorter than frame rate).

However I already know that if I use longer sleep values (some of these sleeps are tens of seconds to allow videos to run) then the timing will be out the other way. For example, the Sleep where the audio files overlap is 12,200ms - and that was simply copied from the length of the stream.

I'm not sure it's just about allowing for frame updates.

Technical forum / Timing different in windowed mode
« on: July 11, 2009, 10:06:39 AM »
Hi all

Our game has several sequences (e.g. node changes, videos, audios etc.), the timings of which are mostly governed by Sleep(); statements. And in full screen, that works fine. But in a window, the timings go out the window, so to speak. Things like fades done by stepping the alpha value of a MakeRGBA through a for() loop, don't fade or fade so quickly as to ruin the effect. One audio that waits on a sleep before handing over to another - fine in full screen, but running in a window the audios overlap.

Anybody got round this? It's going to be important for some I suspect because of the Big Fish stipulation that all games must be able to run in a window.


Technical forum / Particle Emitter "undefined method"
« on: July 02, 2009, 03:26:10 PM »
FORGET IT - I forgot to attach the particles script to the emitter node SOLVED

I thought I'd copied the example exactly - I even imported the particles folder in toto and cut and pasted the code into my scene_init script, and yet:
Code: [Select]
// setup scene according to state variables
var Ent = Scene.GetNode("Emitter");
//15:13:35:  Runtime error. Script 'scenes\Room\scr\scene_init.script', line 28
//15:13:35:    Call to undefined method 'MakeStarfield'. Ignored.

I thought I understood this stuff, but I'm afraid I can't get past "Duh??" Any thoughts chaps? If I've been a pillock, you can say so, I can take it.  :)


Stand down - we found it by a process of elimination.

It was in the font file and it was daft. We had an Arial font file and forgotten that this was used in a development version for putting messages on the screen, no longer used. But to put messages against coloured backgrounds, we had sent the font colour to white - and the editor background is, erm, white... :-[ :-[ :-[   

So sorry.

Thanks for all the help.

Hi Mnem

In that case I'm going to have to ask you for The Big One. Can I send you the code and will you tell me what we're doing wrong?


I'll give the 'Talk' a try. First time we've used speaking characters as such. Yet more of the built-in brilliance of this engine.



Thanks for coming back so quickly.

We can see the cursor in the editor box in WindowEdit and it looks right - it just doesn't appear when we run the game. We've resized the editor as you suggested but it makes no difference.

I'm not sure where the bleep is coming from, so I'm not sure how to describe it - it was happening on any key except 'Esc' being pressed. Nor is it consistent - we get the bleep in the compiled version but not in the debug version.

The window has three controls, this editor and two buttons. They don't overlap and the buttons work.


It's just an editor box that works in German and English but not in the Russian version, presenting no cursor.

Let's start there. Why might there be no cursor in one version when there is in others, before we enter anything? (BTW, we don't describe a cursor in the box, in any version).

Be really grateful for a quick reply, because we're due to upload the loca and this is the only thing preventing that.

Thanks for the help.

Technical forum / Editor object stopped working in Russian version
« on: May 14, 2009, 01:27:02 PM »
Hi all

We have a password as one of our puzzles, done by an editor in a window. Works in the English version and the German version, but not in the Russian version, even though the scripts and windows are identical in all three versions. The cursor doesn't appear in the Russian and data entry is met with a bleep.

The window is self.GoExclusive(); which it must be or it wouldn't have worked in the others.

The arial font is set to CHARSET 10, but when we sent a minigame to Russia to test it with CHARSET = 1 it worked. So we tried the Minigame's font settings in the main game. And it failed. Duh?

We're baffled.

Any ideas?

Hi all,

Trying to use Game.PlaySoundEvent("sound", "event"); in a window script. It works fine in a scene, but in a window, the sound plays but the event never executes. Although if I replace the "event" with a this.some-method, the method executes but then the sound doesn't play ???

Any ideas how I get the event to execute? Should it work or should I be using an entity instead?


Code: [Select]
on "George"
  s = "scenes\07_Pub_Reception\JuliaGeorge.ogg";

method DoIt()
  this.PlaySoundEvent(s, "Enable");

method Disable()
  Game.Interactive = false;
  Game.Msg("Disabling prompts");
  a = this.GetControl("Fire");
  a.Disabled = true;
  a.Visible = false;
  a = this.GetControl("George");
  a.Disabled = true;
  a.Visible = false;

on "Enable"
  Game.Msg("Prompts enabled");
  a = this.GetControl("Fire");
  a.Disabled = false;
  a.Visible = true;
  a = this.GetControl("George");
  a.Disabled = false;
  a.Visible = true;
  Game.Interactive = true;

Technical forum / Re: Need help understanding Game.PlaySoundEvent()
« on: May 10, 2009, 09:50:33 AM »
My thanks to you both, that did it for the scene - BUT see my new post for use in a Window.


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