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Feature requests, suggestions / BIG SUGGESTION LIST
« on: January 31, 2004, 12:02:41 AM »
Okay, I have visited like about a year ago and seen the beta and blah blah...
Now I see youve gone nearly official. Nice work!

Back to my ideas and skills...
I have gained a clump of skills for:
-Graphics Designing, but not good at modelling; i make skins for models though.
-Gained a very professional game lead design/ ideas;  im not a lead designer but I have extremely well and good knowledge for worth of making a game better than any existant ones...  Im not trying to brag, but lately many game developers been having flaws and ignorance into screwing up...  Even the great UT2003 rated 9.5 has flaws to spit on. LOL :P

Im here to boost you my freind, but I also see that youve done plenty and excellence on your own.  Until your ready to return to the works of 3d models and such, you will most likely need to turn to me for answers.  Also I suggest you stay out of putting WME onto the market, which I can see thats one of your intensions.  Your todo list is quite long and I would like to assist you as much as I can.  My question is, is your todo list based on the fact that programming/scripting takes long?  Or is it that you need to know how you will configure it?  If the problem is mainly targeted on how you'd configure the available things to others, then I will have plenty of pointers and will gladly write out how they should work for users in the most efficient and enjoyable way.  ;)
Now back onto the main subject..
   About using 2D graphics, well ummm id have to say you'll need a bit of 3d content to boost the available depth of making games.  
You should notice that rotating around a 2D object is possible and also would be best to work with 3d world.  Also making 3d models available and compatible will gain you and WME users great advantages.  
I have some reasons to list my reasons to you:
"I have these planned out already, but not ready for works yet"
-Making a human models with ease; all the body parts can be molded and colors of skin changed, plus making new skins are obviously possible.  The sound of making a model easilly is beyond your view, Ive seen it all and confirm that its all possible and its so efficient that making a female look like a movie star is as easy as EASY!  Molding the #% value of the X,Y,&Z-axis of your cheek for example, moving and molding objects in the radius of your human model; enables you to put on clothes properly and even resize them as well as putting and fitting a neclace or shoe!   It may take a while to detail everything up but it shure beats the regular needs of experience and skill of modelling anything at all.  What im saying is, its the godlike kind of easy... Users like to make their characters with no drag like modelling or making new art for each dimension, THAT IS JUST A DRAG!  Causes users to disbelieve in their ability or just become to lazy to finish.
-The advantages this will bring is from adding equipment and such to your character all the way to making nice enviroments...  How enviroments? Well thats also a feature Ive seen in the human maker;  the ability to also attatch objects like i said earlier will point that out.
Its all in the easier works...  Although, to add on a point:  To have other models unlike human ones will depend on making new models as presets to use and edit, which will extend the ability of users.
These are all just an example of what i got in store for WME,  and also if some users cant use 3d stuff, well you can make a 3d version of WME simple as that...
My other suggestion is that you should focus on helping users be able to use the inventory based interface plus a player statistics database.  The player statistics stuff should be able to be made to be able with some of the RPG basics for now..  But its should be customizable and be able to add new types of status that would be able to effect curtain statistics in status database.  
I will show more info and such later on..

Feature requests, suggestions / Simple EasyScripting Please!
« on: August 29, 2003, 01:21:37 AM »
I have seen some game engines that contain an editor that actually gives a list of all the script commands used or discovered by the game developers so players can easily tell how the game shall work in there way.

To see a better example of this, try looking at the Warcraft III Editor.
They have a well organized list of scripts and they allow extra strings.

To make this editor more easier, you could enable new scripts and be able to connect scripts withought having to wright them for 5 days long!

Especially for the ametuers out there, how will we be able to work the game if we dont know how to make it work.  I insist you add in a easy script menu for us all so we wont be too lazy to make our games now. :D

One way the script menu could have options for:
Object pickup scripts
Object additional Statistics
RPG Scripts Style
1st-Person shooters script styles
Character view
Control commands
Game commands
And way much more, way over my head! :-\  There are plenty of scriptings.  

You should also add a animation editor, where you can edit how an image will move and change into a different image and the timing speed of how and where it moves or adds/removes images from the animation.
You could use UnrealTournament2004 engine to extend your options, UT2004 is obviously gonna have a superb editor and you will be able to edit models, textures, and so much more in just a simple matter of time without needing any C++ experience!
I am impressed so far and i wish u guys good luck till the end, I just hope it will stay FREE.... :-X

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