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What style do you prefer?
This one (by me):

Or this one? (by a friend of mine):

Actually we can't decide so we are asking people.

Musta Kaapu:
I like latter better. It's more "evolved" (read: clearer) and has a better atmosphere. :)

You shouldn't have written which one is yours, now I've got a bad conscience! ;)

Anyway - I prefer the second one, especially the style of the shadows and the color combination. By the thinner outlines, everythings looks more detailed to me.
(And as I wrote earlier today - the wooden things look nicer without a linear structured texture to me).

The second colorization remembers me of the old LucasArts games - which has to be taken as compliment!  :D (I really would like to stand behind someone colorizing a picture in that style just to learn how!)

Well, the lines of the second picture are thinner because he made it from hte scan of a photocopy, and I made it from the scan of the original. And, will you believe me if I say that the second picture is the result of a complete newbie? (is the first picture he has colored in his live!  :o no kidding.). And I use more burn & dodge, instead of selection & choosing a darker or lighter color like my friend, that's the main style difference I think. Anyway, I prefer the second one too, because if finally he wins, I'll dedicate to programming only!!  ;D

I have to agree with everyone (so far) that the second one is better.


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