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Finished competition games!

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If you created a new  forum catagory for game releases you could archive the release posts in a much better way so the forum reader can just jump strait in to the forum they are after... see what is being made... see any playable demos... or see any full release titles.

Mabey something like this.

Game Releases
    - Released Titles
    - Demo Titles
    - Work in Progress

I think while this place has a great support community it is not really humming with activity. If you do not have a problem there isn't a huge amount to pull you back to the site. Meaning that all the support has to be done a a small few., instead of the community supporting each other.

I think the addition of a Work In Progress forum would really help. People could start a thread for any project they are on and post screens, builds.. what ever.. After a while with many threads constantly getting additions to them, or if it is something very cool you may subscribe to it so the board mails you when the topic is active again. Forum users can easily keep track of other project, get to know what others are able to do.. get help each other out. Plus when they visit there will be new stuff all the time, not just support questions.

The other 2 things are just wat they say, 2 forums for Releases and Demos. That way in a single click you can see what is done and what is not and what is a demo and what is in development..

Just a though... either way WME is cool :P

The problem is, that for two games there's not much sense to make a categories or whatever, is it? Or is still anybody interested in reviving round 3 as stated here?

There has to be more than 2 games done in this community so far... beside i was kinda talking about all games + comps.

I believe Jyujinkai means all games, not just the competition ones. Sounds like a good idea to me, as long as people start actually posting..

ah, I see. Well, I thought that this could be done in wiki? With everyone maintaining his page?


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