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Happy 4th birthday WME! Now you're already running around, talking quite fluently and occupy your parent, and everyone
else involved, full time to entertain you.

It's maybe time to enter the Kindergarten, so you should probably learn some new skills you'll need to better fit among the real world children. You know... Today, kids are sort of advanced 3d models with full dynamic lighting. Their lip syncing is perfect and
they not only supports rigid body physics, but they bring a lot of havoc as well.

They are also intelliSense (in a way) and if they take some cookies, they use shaders to masquarade it.

So on one hand you have a whole lot to learn, but on the other, you are already quite advanced and you can easily
integrate into the kindergarten without raising any suspicion, that you are actually a secret destructive WMA weapon meant
to conquer the world and ... (oops)

Anyway, the biggest congratulations flies to Mnemonic who created this child and brought it to undoubtly amazing
state. This achievement is definitely worth it and hence here's to you!  ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer


What, another year has passed???

Happy 4th birthday, WME!  ::beer

And of course thanks to Mnemonic for still devoting so much work into it's development!

Is this a vizla? Because it looks like it and I love those dogs! (I love all dogs but...)

odd: No, that's the famous w00000t-dog!


(I have no idea what kind of dog to be honest)



--- Quote from: Nihil on January 15, 2007, 09:53:29 PM ---AND YOU ARE OFF TOPIC!

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There was a topic?  ??? ;D ::beer


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