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projman not ignoring files properly when compiling packages

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Like you might remember i use TortoiseSVN as a source control tool.
It creates hidden .svn directories where it stores its files. (one file for example is "format")

i have this in my exclude from build:
*.dci;*.bak;*.tmp;*.inc; *.svn; *.; *format*
and this in my do not compress:
*.wav;*.ogg;*.png;*.jpg; *.svn; *format*

yet i get these errors when compiling package

Error Compressing file F:\.....\data\.svn\format
Error Compressing file F:\.....\data\interface\.svn\format

Perhaps you shouldn't list them in *both* exclude and non-compress. If you want them excluded, only list them in the exclude field.

i remved .svn;*.; and formar from the "do not compress"  and left them in exclude from build - i still get the error message

I can't confirm this. If there's a mask "*format*" in the "exclude from build" field, a file named "format" gets properly ignored.

Once I install new version of WME i'll give it another try. I'm still using 1.8.1
Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are hidden files ?

Can you try to install TortoiseSVN , check out a folder with a  WME  proeject file, add it to a repository, and compile the packages ?
It happens in both my WinXP PC's so it isn't something local.

I'll try and recreate and get a screenshot.


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