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Sure, that would be nice. I'll use them for developing the system, but I'll replace borrowed content with original content once the project gets to that point.

I do not intend to make this into a commercial game. In fact, I want to make it open source.

--- Quote from: Catacomber on December 19, 2008, 02:34:55 AM ---I could also make you a room or two so it's more realistic.
--- End quote ---
If you would like to, it would be appreciated. All the art that I made is just placeholder art, just to get things functional.

Thank you very much Catacomber.

You can either pm me your email address here or contact me at my website.  :  )  If you have a problem animating the monster in Wintermute, I can help you--I just worked that out.  I'm still working on smooth synchronization of all the frames of the fighter though--it's more complicated but maybe you can just use a few and it should work for you.

I never met a good programmer who was a good artist.

I never met a good artist who was a good programmer.

That doesn't mean there aren't such. 

Symbiosis is a very important part of the gaming world.  :  )

Indeed, that is the general way things happen. I have met a programmer who was also a good artist, but they certainly are a rare combination.

Got a lot of the mechanics working now. Some changes:

* Every battle will have a random number of enemies ranging from 1-3.
* Turn order based off speed variable (you will always go first).
* You can select who you want to attack.
* Combat less fake (codewise at least).
Other than that, you really won't notice any changes unless you look at the source code. The source code has more than quadrupled in size! But, it is much, much more functional than before.

I'd definitely like to thank Catacomber for lending me some art to use while I develop the game.

Like last time, I have the standalone binaries and the source code for those interested.
Don't worry Catacomber, I replaced all the art you lent me with my original programmer art.

Standalone Package: Click Here (Mirror)
Source: Click Here (Mirror)

Note: You will probably need WME 1.8.9 beta to open the source project file.


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