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BSOD during designtime with WME 1.8.006

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The lag is normal, but if fullscreen crashes the engine, it's most propably the graphics support. I do not write graphics driver here, for vmware adds a layer between the driver and the game, so maybe the problem is vmware related.

After I turned on the full screen option, it didn't take long before Windows crashed again. Right after I quit the test game, while returning to the desktop. I guess I'll have to do most of my development in a window. It's not a big problem. This probably means that running WME games in VMWare can be tricky as well.  :-\

I personally do not trust any virtual machine if it comes to direct x. It's kinda running a DOS game in the the Windows 95 DOS Emulation -- it MAY work, but that's far from guaranteed.


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