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Another problem with hidden geometry: parallax scroll

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In a single background, the hidden geometry works ok, but when I added a new layer for make a parallax scroll, the geometry displaces when the actor walk.

This is a game screen with the geometry, If you see the red lines, you can view the geometry displaced. It's posible use the parallax scroll in a 2.5D game?

This one is a bug (Stucki discovered it first). Currently if there is a background layer larger than the main layer, the hidden geometry is misplaced.

Do you still have the scene? If so, would you try a testing wme build to see if it's properly fixed?

Yes, I've it. Want you that I send you the scene? O you go to publish a new WME release?

Could you test it with this wme build, please?

(copy the exe to your WME directory, perhaps backup the original first, and run the game in Direct3D 9 mode to test)


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