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A little arty doodle I made - What do you think

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I was playing around in photoshop and I ended up with the picture below. It's kind of Monkey Island-ish, I think, and I'm fairly pleased with it to say that I didn't plan it or spend more than ten minutes on it. Opinions?


Has a water-colour feel to it, like a dream sequence or something. The moon doesn't fit into that, though.

Hi Luke

I think your art is very nice, especially the sky and the water's reflection of the moonlight. I think perhaps that the rocks / cliffs / mountains look a bit organic to me, like perhaps a bit too much 'blur' effect on the edges. And the green smoke is a bit too diffuse by the base, I think it would start off a bit narrower at the bottom, then spread out into the atmosphere as it float upwards and drifts away. Pretty one I think. Let's see some more.



Thats a pretty beastof picture you've got, there are still certain bits that need improving though, like scarpia and brassfire said, but, how did you get so good as to do something like that in less than ten minutes? I suck at photoshop and paintshoppro so all my graphics are done with FLASH MX, are there rules i should follow or are there any realy good tutorials i should follow? ???

All the same, the pictures pretty good. ;D

You do graphics in Flash? Wow, I totally haven't gotten used to it enough to do that...

Photoshop has a good help system, I recommend it.

Paint Shop Pro I find really, really easy. But I've been using it for 5 years now. ;)

Using layers is the important thing. Oh, and saving very often at different stages with different filenames helps too.


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