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Scene.SkipTo() not working on vertical scrolling scene

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In a game with a resolution of 1024x768 we have a scene in 1024x850.
Entering from another location the actor is placed vertically at the middle of the scene so, when the actor enter in the scene, the scene scroll up a bit.
With another position for the actor at the top of the scene it do the same.

I have tried "Scene.SkypTo(X, Y);" and also "Scene.SkypTo(actor);" but the scene always scroll down to the actor's position.

In horizontal scrolling scene i have no problem, it works perfectly. But in this scene it doesn't seem to want to work  :-\

um, should be Scene.SkipTo no SkypTo

Sorry, it's Skip not Skyp yes :P . But in the scripts it is write in the right way ;)

Try this before Scene.Skipto:


Because if the Main Object is the actor, the game always scrolls to the x,y of main object.

No, it didn't work.

Changing the main object to null works for Scene.ScrollTo but not for SkipTo.
Scene.SkipTo still works perfectly in horizontal scrolling scene, but not with this vertical scrolling.

But i found the problem. The coordinates where wrong.
In a horizontal scrolling scene i set the same coordinates of the main actor and it works. In vertical scrolling i have to found the coordinates manually  :(

For example if the actor is skipped to 490, 516 i have to write 490, 410 for the Scene.SkipTo method.


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