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Example, rotate 360 degrees in 3D. Source.


Hello. Sorry for my English.:) I'm creating a FPP adventure game with the possibility of rotating through 360 degrees. Because the forum was a lot of inquiries as to obtain such an effect, I decided to attach an example.
I hope this helps someone. Obviously this is not fully completed, but it works:).
Scripts and the names of some of the names are in Polish, but I hope that there will be problems:) The package contains the source and compiled the project.
And here's the link to download:

Thanks for sharing the sources. Darkfall: lost souls is using the same/similar technic.

Actually, I have not played yet. Of course, in this example, the lack of interaction yet, but it is already easy to do. I hope I can help someone.

Thanks for sharing! It's well done.

Any chances to get the file? The link is dead... :(


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