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just a question im new


hi my name is wendy just joined this forum. wintermute engine is interesting since dark falls was made in it. but i have been into adventure game maker which is easy and really good. one thing i have noticed about wintermute is that i have only found 1 tutorial and that 1 is a 3rd person tutorial and just wondering if any1 at all could make a really good tutorial that more or least that teaches you how to make a game like dark fall. cos im really stuck on this 1 and i learn by tutorials and oh they have to be in english to this will be greatly appreciated and if i have to pay for that tutorial so be it. thanx in advance

Darkfall is a node based 360 adventure game. Wintermute engine doesn't natively support those kind of games. It's designed for 2D/2.5D first/third person adventure. Darkfall author has accomplished his game by using a nice trick. All scenes are 3D objects with the textures and the camera from the inside.

I'm afraid you won't find a specific tutorial for this. An excellent generic tutorial is the WME BOOK Online (donation accepted) by metamorphium which is the best way to learn wintermute engine. But I'm afraid it won't help you with the specific requirement you have. For that it might be better to ask for help (paid or not) at Help wanted and offered board and of course any game development forums you know.

thanx for your answer in the wme book it has a 2.5 section but its not finished so i think i will stick to adventure maker considering they have alot of tutorials and i already know how to do that i do my 3d renders in daz 3d which works out great and also can use bryce for 360 degree.


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