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I am beginner and non-progammer. I am looking for some game engine.
I want to make a hidden object game (with some adventure features- inventory for example). Which engine is a good for me? I am considering wintermute, but I am not programmer and learn how to script seems impossible to me (i have tried another engines, for example shiva3d, but after many hours i was not able to learn anything about scripting)...

If you don't plan to do complex things then scripting in wme shouldn't be that difficult. In my opinion it's worth to spend some time to learn wme as it's the most advanced free 2D/2.5D engine. Otherwise the only other (2D only & not free) engine I can think of, that doesn't require scripting knowledge, is visionaire studio.

Hi Joxer!

There are several game engines that are both free and easy to use and to get started with. While Wintermute Engine is one of these, it's not the only one, and it is mostly suited for (and excels at) Adventure games or other types of point-and-click input games.

You might want to check out GameMaker or Multimedia Fusion (I prefer Game Maker, but haven't really used multimedia fusion so) as well as Wintermute. GameMaker has the advantage of letting you make games without really scripting, but rather drag and drop commands, even though I would recommend using the scripting available for learning.

You should also check out Unity 3D (and even maybe Adobe Flash and UDK) when you have gotten a bit more experience in the scripting part.

Wish you the best of luck!

thanks much!
it will be great if I can learn scripting, but I dont have self-confidence about it. I am professinal 3d artist, I love games. but programming or scripting is really hard to understand for me

I have a specific question about wintermute- is it easy to make a game controlled only with left mouse click. or it is hard? :) thanks


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