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Author Topic: General Project Management Software  (Read 4667 times)

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General Project Management Software
« on: March 09, 2012, 09:33:45 AM »

Hey Folks!

Today I have got a non-WME related question. The Company I work at is searching for a Project Management Software for some time now, but I found nothing good or only totally oversized / priced. We need the following:

- Calendars, different types: Person-related, project-related, and some kind of overview calendar which shows all appointments at once.
- File management: Project-Related possibility to create Directory Structures to store programs, diagrams, correspondence
- Client Database of course
- Gantt Charts for Projects
- Task lists Person / Project related.
- Create tasks that are depended on the finishing of another task

If you have any suggestions, please reply :) What I find is quite usefull is Collabtive, but it's missing some important functions in the Calendars.



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