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Author Topic: particle emitter what is the most efficient way to use more than one image  (Read 2631 times)

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I have read the threads regarding particle emitters and was not able to come up with a definative answer

I want a particle emmiter to use more than one image, I can see there are a number of differnent ways by which this could be achieved, firstly by using the AddSprite method, to add a new png image, secondly by using a WME sprite with a number of frames, and thirdly by having two particle emmiters operating one on top of the other.

I will probably want have at least two of these things operating simoultaneously.

I am guessing the scene is quite heavy on memory usage as is given that if I set the crolling speed up I get a lot of juddering on the actor/ and/or the background once scrolling is taking place.


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From rendering standpoint, most optimal would be multiple particle emitters, each using a single image.
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