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Thought I'd report some issues I've found which seem buggy - hope that's ok.  :)

SetMusicChannelVolume definitely doesn't appear to work for me - I've tried the same .dcp on Windows (XP), Mac OSX (Lion), and my iPod Touch - the volume level is simply not affected.

Also, the master sound volumes for Music, SFX and Speech, all appear to be the same, even though I have set them to be different.

The next 4 problems only seem to occur right after changing scenes.

I'm getting a lot of sound issues on all platforms - mostly random bursts of static and pops.

In OSX, sometimes after clicking to chang scene, there was static/pop and the scene didn't change - the screen faded out like normal but returned to the scene I was already on - if I clicked again, the scene changed normally. Didn't notice this in Windows or iOS.

Also getting some graphical glitches randomly - bars of colour across the screen, that kind of thing.

And the most worrying one - at one stage, in Windows, the game completely crashed on me - I clicked to change scene and the screen just went black, and I couldn't get out of it without turning off my computer.

Strangely the above 4 issues seem to be worse the first time I run the game - after that, they appear to lessen - first time on Windows, I was getting sound static and pops all the time, plus the crash - 2nd time, only one pop, and no crashes - I played it longer the second time. Same thing happens on the iPod - major sound issues (pops, randonly restarting music files, randonly jumping to another music file) the first time I load it - next time, no issues at all. Weird.  :P

Any ideas about these issues? Sorry if I've been vague, but that's all I have.  :)

Oh, and the game appears to run MUCH faster on Windows with WME Lite - is this normal?  :)

What you describe would point to some ancient version of WME Lite (there were some threading issues related to sound). The latest sources in trunk don't have the problem however the precompiled binaries do. So make sure you are using a freshly compiled binaries from the latest sources.

I haven't recompiled for OSX yet - I'll get to that later.

But, I have used the sources from trunk to test on iPhone and iPad, and some issues remain. The sound channel volume is definitely not being set to 0 when I tell it.

Also, testing on the larger iPad2 display I've noticed graphical issues with pretty much every overlay sprite in every scene. The sprites seem to be expanded by about 1 pixel on all sides, which creates alignment issues. Also, there are white areas around the .png item sprites when diplayed in the inventory. Both these issues are quite noticeable.

Is there something I'm doing wrong that's causing these issues, that I can easily put right, or is it WME Lite?

Games run very well on the iPhone and iPad though, performance wise. :)

No thoughts on these issues? Anybody?  :)

I am having the exact same issues. SetMusicChannelVolume does NOT work with the latest files from BitBucket


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