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J.U.L.I.A. (WME game) is on Greenlight - please Upvote


Dear muties,

as many of you know, we had to go through expensive legal proceedings with Lace Mamba Global to get back rights. They never paid us a single cent for the release even if the game was quite succesful. We're currently trying to recover from this blow and since (from yesterday) our rights are back, I'd like to ask you for support.

Please go to:

This will cost you nothing and get you remastered version with some fixes and slight changes (released as a patch for those who already own J.U.L.I.A.) if we are greenlit. For us this means to recover at least some of the ongoing 3 years time and money investition into the biggest WME game we've ever created.

Thank you for considering to support us and all the best,


Voted!  ::thumbup

Good Luck metamorphium

Already voted some days ago ;)
Btw i will never again buy something with Lace Mamba logo, people like that deserve to close fast.


voted. good luck  ::thumbup


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