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The Future of Adventure Game Making?


What do you see as being WME’s future?

Where are the adventure games makers heading, and what types of game engines are going to be used to make them? Is it multiple platform game engines? Can you even make a full featured Syberia or The Longest Journey adventure game on a tablet that would hold the player's interest?

I see Double Fine's new game Broken Age is going the multiple port route. CYAN Worlds ported Myst and Riven to iPad. I don't know how Dream Fall 2 is going to be handled.
I am not convinced that such small tablet screens will work with an adventure game. (Will hold the player's interest.)
It seems to me that a full sized monitor is needed to fully enjoy an adventure game.

Any thoughts on the subject?

Adventure games will never die ! ::rock  If you wanna play  really good point and click adventure game on the iPAd, check out Gemini Rue


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