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Slow SaveGame() & LoadGame() when in fullscreen?


Hi! I don't know if this is a known issue (I've done a quick search and I didn't found anything).

Using the wme_demo_3d project, running with 1.10.1beta, "save game" and "load game" features are noticeable much slower in fullscreen rather than in windowed mode. When in fullscreen, you can see a progress bar in the bottom of the screen, from left to right. In windowed mode, save and load are almost instantaneous.

"Maintain aspect ratio" and "Use desktop resolution" options doesn't change anything about this issue.

There isn't a big issue, indeed, but I'd like to know if this is an already reported issue or maybe there's a problem with my system configuration or anything.

Thank you very much!


 the 3d demo on wintermute don't use the new quicksave parameter for save games, but there are a problem with save games with wme 1.10.1. here you can see the specification ---> i don't know if this problem affect the 3d demo proyect.

in the new version, there are a new parameter named QuickSave that no exist in old version, and the 3d demo project is older, maybe its hasn't got this parameter implement in the proyect...

i dont know about the difference between save on window, and save on full screen, maybe its the screen size.

for this maybe, its can take many time the 3d  proyect to save, than  new projects with the quicksave parameter.. but only its a supposition.

See the wme 1.10.1 specification on the web before and maybe you can find the answer of time for the time to save games.

i recomend you that create a new proyect with the quicksave parameter implemented and test it..

sorry for my english...XD

Thank you very much, dongo :). I'd just realized that the issue is due to VSync. Disabling it (as I tell in ) solves the issue.



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