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Hi everyone - I just felt like announcing that I just discovered Wintermute. Such a innocent looking sentence, and yet inside me it sings with the sound of a thousand silent mountains. A feeling of being were I need to be at the right time.

If I find the time, and have the needed stamina to create something of value I will surly be around here in times to come.

I have so much to learn, and that feels so great!

When it comes to code, im as noob as they can possibly come - but then again I never had anything as inspiring before me as wintermute.
When it comes to ideas, and 2d/3d graphics I am much better equipped.

I miss smaller games with a good story to tell, but I never really thought it could be possible to create one myself.
After seeing wintermute I know at least its possible. And thats at least something =)

See you around.

Welcome, and hope to see you make some great games !


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