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Keyboard.IsAlt attribute


I'm using the latest beta build (1.10.1) on Windows 7.  I added the following code to the Keypress event in game.script in the wme_demo project.  Nothing else in the project has been modified.

--- Code: WME Script ---if(Keyboard.KeyCode==VK_HOME && Keyboard.IsAlt==true){  actor.Talk("You said the magic word.");} 
Pressing Alt+Home does not produce the line of text.  Strangely, Ctrl+Alt+Home works!  Replacing IsAlt with IsControl or IsShift makes the code work as expected. e.g. Ctrl+Home and Shift+Home will call the statement inside the block.

Note:  I've tried replacing VK_HOME with other keyboard codes just to make sure that wasn't some special binding, and the behavior is unchanged.


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