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Author Topic: Free animation manipulation software that exports Creature Creator anim...  (Read 3788 times)

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New Free animation manipulation software that exports Creature Creator animations at

When I first started making games, I searched the net for a Windows
program that was free or inexpensive that had the ability to quickly and
super easily create an actor and animate that actor for actions such as
walk, run, jump, strike, and every imaginable action.
The closest
app. I found was Spore Creature Creator. But Creature Creator was not
meant to export versatile animations. So taking a short cut, I decided
that while working on developing a program like Creature Creator, I
could quickly build an app. to manipulate the animations and exporting
features in order to use in may games.

Version .01 is free, as will be future updates, until I finally get every functionality down to a science.

I plan to have an app. that can produce creatures, people, vehicles,
weapons, buildings and anything you can dream up, and be able to animate
everything, as well as export to 3d.

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