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Title: Leisure Suit Larry Fan-Project
Post by: blaxx3r on June 11, 2010, 09:17:31 PM
Hey Guys!
I'm new here and I hope this post will be in the right section. I love the Leisure Suit Larry Games by Al Lowe, but for some reason he doesn't do any more adventures and there aren't any groups working on a Larry Fanadventure. So I decided to do that. First, I wanted to use the AGS for creating that, but I think the Wintermuteengine is more powerful. The Larry Project should catch the charme and style of the old ones, especially of Larry 7 Sail for Love, with its unique comic-style, but my idea is it to add high quality backgrounds and animations, like they did in the "Runaway"-Franchise. I'd be really happy if someone is interested in that topic too. My only problem is that I do not have much experience with scripting, could anyone explain me which language i have to use? And I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany.

Anyone who wants to be part of the development-team? especially in the graphics-section?

Many greetings, blaxx3r.
Title: Re: Leisure Suit Larry Fan-Project
Post by: lacosaweb on July 10, 2010, 02:01:48 AM
Hi, I'm a Leisure Suit Larry fan. And I think the same as you for several times, I want a new Larry game like Love for Sail. I'm a Wintermute programmer with a lot of experience in 2D games, if you need a programmer, send me a message.