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General Discussion / Re: Most ridiculous inventory puzzles EVER!!!!
« on: September 17, 2009, 05:28:32 PM »
I agree with the previous two. Inventory puzzles are the core of adventure games, if they are done correctly. The true inventory puzzle should allow the user to logically pick up an item that would genuinely be of use (who can go without taking that ladder/length of rope/spare key/piece of blank paper), and then using them either in a very logical way, or even better, to use them in a sensible way but one that you might not immediately think of.

A classic example of this, which I have seen in many adventure games, and more often than not utilised in a successful way is the 'paper under the door, poke the key out through the keyhole' puzzle. This has been done in many games, but it always works in a way that suits the game. Some puzzles can be overused to the point where they become a chore (maze puzzles being a BIG culprit).

Personally, I find that the most successful, and therefore most satisfying to beat, type of puzzle is the sort of timed puzzle that has been used a lot in the new Tales of Monkey Island games. A puzzle where a set of events happens, and you can watch them play out without intervening to see how they play out, and then you have to work out what you can do during that sequence of events to get the required results.

Timed puzzles that require you to just click as damn fast as you can to run from one place to another before it times out are very frustrating though!

Help wanted and offered / Everyone starts somewhere....
« on: September 08, 2009, 09:34:18 PM »
Hi all,

First things first, if you're looking for professional work, paid work, or huge projects, look elsewhere.

I'm an amateur game designer, and I just like to experiment and play around with game creation in my spare time.

I am currently working on a game design, just to get to grips with the Wintermute Engine.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone would like to collaborate on the project, mainly because I think this would be more fun and interesting to have someone else work on it too. I haven't got a story set in stone, although I do have a main character in place and a rough art style (although this can change if necessary). I would like to work with anyone really, artist/programmer/games designer/whatever. My graphical skills are not amazing, but I am hoping to work on this, so if you are a professional/really good artist, this project is likely too amateur for you.

Just to give you a quick view of what my project looks like so far (basically my first room!):

Willard's Workshop

This is not paid work, nor is it professional work, nor is it in any shape or form a proper project, it's just a bit of fun that I think someone else who is just getting started with WME would maybe like to work with me.

So, is anyone bored and wants to just take part in a fun and silly project?

Technical forum / Re: Customised Captions
« on: September 07, 2009, 08:59:51 PM »
I'm sure you hear this all the time Mnemonic, but you are an absolute genius! I wouldn't have known where to start with this one.

I've made one small change, by making it return to the standard object caption, rather than becoming blank, but other than that, it works brilliantly!

Software and games / Re: Monkey Island is back!
« on: September 04, 2009, 11:07:50 PM »
I would also add bad voices, I think they are pretty bad. Somehow I don't even like Guybrushs Voice Actor anymore, but when I play for instance MI3 then I totally like him there, so I guess (after all it has been many many years) the voice actor(s) just sound a little different after all that time and do things a little different - in a way that I don't like.

I know that there are some things that should never change in old games, and that a lot of die-hard fans hate it with re-makes, but I personally have really grown to love Dominic Armato's take on Guybrush. His voice just really makes the character for me now.

I've played the first two eps of the Tales, and I think they're really well made, and definately worth it for lovers of the series, especially if you like MI3.

I have the remake of MI too, but not gotten around to starting it yet. Retro gaming FTW.

Technical forum / Customised Captions
« on: September 04, 2009, 10:59:31 PM »
This is going to seem like a really dumb question, and I apologise if this is in the manual somewhere, because I can't find it in there anywhere.

I am currently using the standard set-up for the 'action/verb' menu, with no changes to the 'look at', 'pick up' and 'talk to' buttons (other than new graphics).

I can see that there is a text box that displays 'caption' in the WindowEdit view, which when viewed in game displays the 'caption' field of the item you have right clicked on (e.g. So when I right click on a cup, the text box object below my action window states 'cup').

What coding would I need to use and within which script, so that when I right click on my 'cup' item and then hover over my 'look at' button, the caption text box object no longer just reads 'cup', but would now say 'look at cup'?

I can use the 'caption' field on each of the 'look at' 'pick up' and 'talk to' buttons to display the correct 'Look at...' e.t.c, but without it including the name of the item at the end of the caption.

I hope this makes sense to someone and that some kind soul out there will be able to point me in the right direction.

Technical forum / Re: *SOLVED (well kinda :)* Four-directional movement
« on: September 03, 2009, 07:27:15 PM »
If I understand correctly, you mean you're wanting your character to move like on a chess board, only moving up/down or left/right, but never together?

Is there any way of saying move your character only on the x-axis or only on the y-axis until it equals the x or y value of the point they're moving to?

I'm not sure if this would be possible in the coding, but you'd need it to say something along the lines of:

if actor's X coordinate is less or more than that of the point clicked, increase or decrease the actor's X position until equal.

Then do the same for the Y coordinate (but make sure it does one THEN the other, otherwise you'll just end up with the standard movement).

This sounds like it would be far too much effort for the required effect, but if you manage to get it figured out, please post it and let us all know!

General Discussion / Re: #600 - The unofficial introduce-yourself thread
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:22:16 PM »
Howdy all.

I'm Ben, I'm 24, from the North of England and I work in various IT departments for a utility company (currently project manager) ::slug.

My three favourite games have to be: Sam and Max!! (Nothing beats it so far!), The Monkey Island series (mainly number 2 as it was the first I played) and the Broken Sword series (mainly number 1).

I thought I'd join this community as I'm just starting to do some games design/creation in my spare time and will no doubt need some help along the way.

General Discussion / Re: Most ridiculous inventory puzzles EVER!!!!
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:17:56 PM »
How about the 'disguise' puzzle in Gabriel Knight 3? How stupid was that one?!

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