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Game design / How do pros create a design document?
« on: November 21, 2007, 09:37:22 PM »

ok, so I found a subject for my game, I know the graphics type (rendered 3d) and am starting to write the design document.
I have read the Leisure Suit Larry design documents (I didn't find more)

My problem is that I don't really know how to fit the story, the puzzles, the dialogues etc. into one working logical structure.
How do I prevent chaos? how do I add systems like when you enter a location several times and you have different behaviors each time?
How do you actually structure or organize this in your design document? I mean when I program I have UML, classes etc, a visual structure, but in an adventure game?

The method I am using now is to have a sort story synopsis as guidance and then simply start writing the adventure like a story or a walkthrough. Then I intend to give it more flesh and then finally adding the puzzles or minigames or dialogue choices. Of course, if I have a direct idea for a puzzle or minigame while I am typing the story I add a note.

I would be very glad if some of the pros here (or anybody who has actually finished a working design document successfully ) would post their hints&tips or share their knowledge.

BTW I actually use Treepad for my design document. I own the Busines version but there is also a nice free version here.

PDF's about adventure creation and more

This one I like very much...
A documental approach to adventure game development

or get it here A documental approach to adventure game development

Haven read it all, but I wanted to let you know before I go to bed ;)

I don't know what the status is but I would like to 'remember' what synchron wrote and already is on the todo list but is still talked about alot here.

<sychron> i would add an option "isWidescreen".
<sychron> to the global properties
<sychron> if it's set to false, the game is handled as normal
<sychron> and the graphics driver will add the bars.
<sychron> you can autodetect widescreen games by looking at the game size
<sychron> and handle them ...
<sychron> 4:3 games on 4:3 screens --> no problem
<sychron> 16:9 games on 16:9 screens: no problem
<sychron> 16:9 games on 4:3 screens: options bars or zoom
<sychron> 4:3 games on 16:9 screens: options "no change" (let the driver do it) or "crop"
<sychron> and ... each scene get's a parameter "allowScrollingOnAspectDifference" or something like that

I would like to add the option to have it as simple fullscreen window, a black background window and the content (game) in the middle. The window could be with an option to display the window bar, etc.

Bug reports / SceneEdit: loosing focus
« on: November 10, 2007, 02:33:57 PM »
Hi, I've been able to continue with the tutorial and I have a minor workflow issue.
When I am in the Scene Editor and add the areas, every time I Alt-Tab to the help file and Alt_Tab back the focus on the selected item/layer is lost. Funnily this only happens when I'm on the waypoints layer. In the main Layer this doesn't happen. When I Alt-Tab back from the waypoints layer the focus is on the Free Entities layer.

I have the newest version.


Software and games / free and very powerful vectorization tool: VectorMagic
« on: November 05, 2007, 07:54:46 PM »
Hi, there is a new and free but very powerful vectorization tool out there.
Check VectorMagic

Hi, after looking at several Engines only two remained, Wintermute and Visionaire. I have looked at both of them and tried some of the demos but a few questions remain and I hope you will be able to help me :)

First of all, is it possible to do a game like the Kaptain Brawe Demo? I like its inventory very much and in Wintermute I always see the inventory bar zipping up and down if the mouse is in the area. It's funny, but all demos I tried all looked pretty alike from the interface and general feeling, is it very difficult achieve let's say a Lucas Arts look?

Is it possible to do a complete 3D adventure? or must it always be a 2d Background? The game Looky the worm seamed all 3D but I'm not sure about the background as it was totally static.

What I like about the Visionaire version to come (3.x) is that it will be multi-platform ready, thus Mac support will be possible. As the conversion rates for Macs are much higher than for windows it would be a really appreciated feature for Wintermute too.


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