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Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: July 14, 2013, 11:19:26 AM »

Sorry, didn't know that DropBox affords a login.

It' now on "GoogleDrive" ...

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: July 14, 2013, 09:49:14 AM »

Yes, but since I've a lot of work to do at the moment I have no time to develop this project any further.

But I'll try to finish a first version until autumn/winter this year ...

Here are screens with stuff that works so far:

Creating a project in any resolution, project data will be adapted and default background bitmap will be created

A dynamic overview of all scenes in project:

- Quick overview of scenes and BG bitmaps attached
- Overview of scene linkage (which scene leads to which)
  (Just drag from one scene to another to link it or use scissor to remove a link)
- Position scenes by dragging around, new created scenes will be inserted automatically in this view
- DoubleClick on scene picture will launch Scene Editor
- Grid lines / Snap to grid / lock scenes
- Overview of scripts used in this scene (double click starts attached ScriptEditor)
- Comments for selected scene


- zoomable view
- Add/delete layers, nodes, waypoints, rotation- and scale level
- hide/show node types by switching group buttuns
- change color of node types
- Show/hide actor in scene and use his position and direction
- Events tab to insert and edit predifined events in script (OnClick, OnEnter etc.  ...)


Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: April 17, 2013, 04:00:31 PM »

Not yet, work at scene editor just started, I think in 2-4 weeks it will be possible to create and design a scene and run it in WME Editor.

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: April 16, 2013, 09:34:54 PM »
Thanks, I changed it.

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:07:21 PM »
Here what I've done so far:

- Creation of new project is now possible
- Read in project data and scenes data
- Show diagramm of scenes, where scenes can be linked and commented (just as a hint for game development)
  When clicking on scene (right side) data of scene is displayed and can be edited

I write this program in "Lazarus" now (Free Pascal compiler), so everyone can use it free   (if it will be ready in lifetime)

Hard stuff to read in all the data structures and display them - objects with list of objects, that all have list of objects, which also have (beside their own properties) also list of objects ... 

Only for grownups with nerves of steel  :o

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: Lightmap DLL
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:15:38 PM »
Right, lof

To each scene you just have to make a lightmap. If you change to another scene, the corresponding Lightmap is used automatically.

Normally you define a region and when actor enters this region you can specify a color.

With the lightmap the actor changes color continuously (gradient) as he walks around.

The following code manages this

//Infinite loop

  //examine not every pixel movement of actor
  if (loop_counter > 40)
     //Build the path to the lightmap according to the current scene
     filename = Directory.CurrentDirectory +  "\Lightmaps\" + Scene.Name + "_LM.bmp";
     //Get actors color corresponding to lightmap
   if (GetActorColor(filename, actor.X,actor.Y, strRGB.Capacity,strRGB) == 0)
           //split to result in an array
      arrRGB = strRGB.Split(";");
          //set the actors alpha-color with values from lightmap
     actor.AlphaColor = MakeRGBA(ToInt(arrRGB[0]),ToInt(arrRGB[1]),ToInt(arrRGB[2]),255);

   loop_counter = 0;
  else loop_counter = loop_counter + 1;

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Re: WME Project Manager
« on: March 18, 2013, 09:34:26 PM »
No Lacosaweb,

it will be only a application to manage the project and neccessary data for the WME engine in another way.

For example I want to integrate a scene manager (page "world"), where you can plan your adventure world (which scene leads to which scene)

Just like that

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / WME Project Manager
« on: March 18, 2013, 12:44:19 PM »
Hello folks,

I just started to develop a WME project manager IDE, here is the first screenshot of the Animation page.

It will take up to two months before the first results can be shown here.

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Lightmap DLL
« on: October 27, 2012, 10:10:32 PM »

Demo Screen:

- Create a empty bmp, same size like your scene bmp.
- Fill it completely with color "white"
- The areas, where the actor stands in the shadow, you can paint on your lightmap in a darker gray
- If the actor for example stands in front of a fire-place, you can paint this area in the lightmap red (Easiest way to use 2 layers, Photoshop, .NET Paint etc.)

Embed the dll and call the function "GetRGB" in Game_loop.script.


external "C:\LMDLL.dll" int GetRGB(string fName, int x, int y, int buflen, string buf);

// infinite loop of game_loop.script

   //Don't call func every pixel movement

   if ( (actor.X % 5 == 0) || (actor.Y % 5 == 0) )

      //Call the dll function and receive the lightmap-color values (RGB) at actors coordinates
     GetRGB ("C:\LM.bmp", actor.X,actor.Y, str.Capacity,str);

      //Split the result value in an array (RGB-values, I did not know how to send the 3 int values back from DLL, so I used a string)

      arr = str.Split(";");

     //Change actors color corresponding to lightmap
     actor.AlphaColor = MakeRGBA(ToInt(arr[0]),ToInt(arr[1]),ToInt(arr[2]),255);


You can use gradients (black to white or lightgray) in lightmap, while the actor is walking in scene his color and brightness is changing :-)

P.S: Array and string I declared in

arr = new Array();
str = new String(100);


Because I have no webspace I can't put a link to the dll and example bmp.
If somebody likes to have the dll I'll send it to you via email


library LMDLL;


  Windows, SysUtils, Dialogs, Graphics, Classes;

{$R *.res}

function GetRGB(fName: string; x, y: integer; buflen: integer; buf: PChar): integer; stdcall;

  aBmp:   TBitmap;
  iColor: Longint;
  r,g,b:  integer;


    aBmp := TBitmap.Create;

    iColor := ColorToRGB(aBmp.Canvas.Pixels[x,y]);


  r := GetRValue(iColor);
  b := GetBValue(iColor);
  g := GetGValue(iColor);

  StrLCopy(buf, PChar(IntToStr(r) + ';' + IntToStr(g) + ';' + IntToStr(b)), buflen);

  result := 0;


exports GetRGB;


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