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Won't implement / Re: Wii and/or DS port
« on: March 19, 2007, 03:39:32 PM »
Of course the idea is nice although I think it would be a little harder to make. While the SDK would still be using Windows the Runtime would be on the Wii, which I think is quite a different worl from what is made for windows. I'm not sure either it is easy for people that are not professional to get their hands on Development Hardware and Software for either of them. And then for us to test if there were any specific features, like the microphone on the DS or the Wii motion sensing.

As far as I know the only port that could be possible right now is for X360, because there is the XNA which is available for everyone, cost a little and can be played on any X360 with a developer account and then maybe distributed trhough the Marketplace. As far as I know there is no official way to make games for the DS or the Wii without getting through Nintendo. We can't jsut burn a Disc with the data and put it n the wii, nor make a cartridge.

So well I like the idea to have a port on this system, but I think it would not be so easy to do, nor to use for end users.

Game announcements / Atlanteans : Project Nadia (tentative title)
« on: March 14, 2007, 03:26:36 PM »
Hi there.

Now that I've played a little with WME to check if I would be able to do what I need, which is obviously the case, I can now announce what I'm working on and what I'm searching.

My real name is Aurelien, I'm a programmer and some years ago I4ve launched the idea of making a game that would be based on the famous japanese anime Nadia The Secret of Blue Water (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia). While in the very begining I was working on 3D Games Creators also known as Dark Basic, which helped me make my first step in game programming, but I soon faced the limit of this software as it was a BASIC like language. Some times later I get myself into real programming using C++ and the well known 2D library SDL. Which I started to manage quite well, and you could get an idea of where I was with the old demo I made here

Anyway know as I face the fact that I've less time and that it becomes pretty hard to work on everything, I've switched to WME, which will be the game engine for this game.

But enough about me, maybe more interesting is the game itself. First for those who haven't heard or seen the anime, it is a famous japanese anime that has been made in the 90s by the Gainax studio (they are also responsible for Neon Genesis Evangelion), in fact in Japan it has been choosen as anime of the century back in 2000. So while my very first idea was to follow the original anime, some times later it has seemed more interesting to go for a new adventure that would use the character and of course could make mention of what happened in the anime, but would place us in an all new story. Our story is set something like 15 years after the anime (actally a few years after the epilogue which we are closer too). Here is the begining of our story :
Our story begins in the early years of the 20th century. It starts in France with Jean and Nadia, their child, and the friends they have met fifteen years ago. They are all together to remind the fantastic adventure in which they have been involved as “heroes”. All our friends are present: Sanson, Marie which has become his wife, their child (born just after Nadia and Jean’s one), hanson who has taken a short break from his company and the unforgettable Grandys, which still unmarried.

We are in the suburbs of Le Havre, in Jean’s house, I should called that his workplace, because even after all this time the place is still full of his creations, many of them for nothing because they don’t work!

On this special event, everyone is coming to be out of the routine, to share good moments with the others. During the party, Marie and Nadia have to leave the others to take a look to the kids, who are sleeping quietly in a room on the first floor. Once arrived, it’s the horror; a lot of screams, principally Marie, Nadia trying to help her and everyone staying on the room front door…

The children have disappeared!

A noise from the outside and Sanson and Jean have just the time to see an unknown car leaving at high speed. All of them want to follow but they have no vehicle. Fortunately, Titus was coming with its new vehicle Gratank (Catherine II). A few seconds later Grandys, Sanson, Hanson and Jean are on chase of the children's kidnapper. In the same time Nadia, which is now alone with Marie is trying to comfort her and to convince her that their husbands will come back soon with their children.

So basically we'll play with two characters, Jean and Nadia, which at least for the first part will be separated and will at some point get back together in the middle of our story through separate paths. I won't tell much more as there are a lot I want to keep, and both because everything is not completed on this point yet. We have definend the main storyline, the main events, and a few places, what is the end, and we still have to develop the compelte script, with the dialogs and so on.

To begin with and now that the engine is choosen and wont change anymore, I'll be trying to get people for making all the graphical content as well as maybe one person to help with the script. The first goal right now is to make something playable with a short simple story, maybe not directly linked to the main story we're preparing, to make a little demo and get people to know about the project, with the goald of showcasing this demo through the internet and at an anime/manga/japan event in Paris in July. That's why it'll be something not too complex maybe four backgrounds, one playable character with the work on the walk cycle done for the 8 directions. After that event and having made that demo, I think we will be able to progress little by little on the complete project.

So we're searching for graphist mainly, someone who could maybe help with the script (best if that person knows the original anime), and maybe a webdesigner that could provide on another topic help making a good design for the website as it is quite poor right now, and really needed. Of course for all graphics the goal will be to have something very colourful as on the anime, with a good resolution, and getting close to what it was, even if we can take a bit of freedom as we have the character older, and that some years have passed.

That's it I think I've come around everything of this project, if there are any other question, I'll answer them if I can.

The Website :


Technical forum / Re: Dialog again
« on: March 14, 2007, 08:35:32 AM »
perfect it is just waht I needed :) Thanks a lot

Technical forum / Dialog again
« on: March 12, 2007, 04:11:37 PM »

First thanks for the previous answers, I'm still having one little issue and I should be okay or almost for the dialog structure for my project. my take on this game which is based on an anime. Is to use some kind of Japanese game style dialog interface, with high quality pictures depicting the character face. I guess you see what I mean, sorry if it is not verry clear.

I've managed to create a window to display the information in, I've done everything so that I continue using the standard dialog feature of WME, the Talk, AddResponse, GetResponse base function. I've only one little thing which I hope can be solve easily. Actuallythe thing I do is to load my own dialog window as the response box wont show except when an answer has to be chosen. So I make a close window to use as background instead, the only problem is that once it came to selecting answers it wont work. Or well it is working but you can't see the text because it seems the text is displayed behind when it came to the choice of answer, while the text actually displayed by the Talk function is above.

So my take on this is that there is two ways of solving this, either I can do something to be sure the Questions will appear above this new window, Either there is a way to make the response box to appear always during a dialog and having static part I can change. Either by creating them in the resposne.def file and then changing the picture through the window getControl function.

Else I'm quite happy with the software, I'm gearing up to make a demo for a french event called the Japan Expo which will take place in July and will of course provide link about the demo once it'll be ready.

Thanks for the advice.

Feature requests, suggestions / Re: Transparent Color Picking
« on: March 01, 2007, 10:13:46 AM »
well I'm not really in graphics stuff right now the old picture I used are simple bmp for non destructive recording. But it'll change later. I did not thought about this.

Feature requests, suggestions / Transparent Color Picking
« on: February 28, 2007, 03:41:31 PM »

That is just a very little suggestion, I'm not sure if it is hard to do or not, but I think it would be a nice little feature in the sprite editor to have a button to pick the transparent color of a frame. So that if the color that is transparent is not on the predefined list you don't have to input it manually, just to click the icon then one of the point in the transparent area of the sprite and it get the color poitn behind the mouse as transparent.

Technical forum / Some Questions
« on: February 28, 2007, 11:38:42 AM »
Hey there.

I've questions again, not really trouble this time.

First I'd like to know if there is some extensive information about making dialog, because I think that for example the example is nice and working, but there is a lot more to do, and not really lot of things about how to customize dialog, where do you defined the place the text are being displayed and so on. I had to search for some time to finally make a proper layer appear. Know I'll have to find where I can set the text being said by character appears in it too. And then I'll finally look for making a picture to change dynamically, some kind of Japanese RPG Like characters, or well to get you an idea smething more or less inspired by what is done by Cing in Another Code on the DS with nice Characters picture to show their emotional reaction during dialogs.

Next I've read about Low Level Event which can be quite usefull, but I did not found any list of them and there actions. Is there such a list somewhere ?

I'm sorry if these questions have already been asked, but I did not really found any clear information on these matters.

EDIT: Here is one more question :) I'm trying to make a region entity that should be active but not all the time. The demo mechanics I'm using right now is that while waling you might enter a zone that will trigger the appearance of a character, basically once you enter the zone the character entity is loaded, it make it say something then our character automatically respond by going to this actor and start the dialog. In the end two things might happen either you're dragged in by the character, either your left alone and have to enter by yourself. For that purpose I'd like the region to be Inactive as long as the talk is not over. So I think I should get the Entity in someway to Activate Disable it but I don't see how to achieve this.


Technical forum / Re: Little TTF issue
« on: February 24, 2007, 08:18:34 PM »
argh that was so simple can't believe I did not saw it I had checked the font file not the fint face

thanks :)

Technical forum / Little TTF issue
« on: February 24, 2007, 07:41:35 PM »

I'm new to WME and working on transfering the little demo I had made before. I was working on my own engine and as I now have much less time, and that of course it is a dauting task, when I discovered your engine I tried it and already manage to recreate the scene I had made quite easily. I still have to implement the little test dialog I had.

Before that I'm trying to set up the menu and I've come into a little difficulty, I've followed the insctructions in the documentation about using ttf by creating a .font file with a specific set of instruction, which I've done I've managed to create it correctly, at least I think, but it don't have the same render at all, it looks as if a replacement font were used.

Here is a shot of my ingame menu on my little engine and what the same font with the same size and color parameter looks like in the font preview (I obviously get the same when placing it in a .window file and when running the engine).

Here is the code of my font file :
Code: [Select]
  SIZE = 90 
  FACE = "Nadia"
  FILENAME = "fonts\nadia.ttf"



  COLOR { 194, 143, 46 }
  ALPHA = 255


It is very simple but I don't think there is something missing. As there is a thing saying to make sure not to place it in package I even tried placing full path to the file even though it would not be right in the end as the game might be anywhere on the player hard drive.

I've placed the font here if needed : hope you'll be able to help me sort this little trouble :)

Of course I've placed the example about the main title on the top of my previous ingame menu, but the trouble is the same for the options as it is using the same font.

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