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Game design / Basics
« on: January 11, 2011, 01:14:05 PM »

i´m a beginner and i wan´t to start my own project. Before i will start i have some questions about the WME.

1.: I need an Actor. Is there a good (easy)tool aviable, where i can build an Actor (it have to been compatible with WME) really quickly? I tried to use Poser8 but this is a science of himself.

2.: I need Rooms. Is there a really easy tool aviable to build Rooms. Or have i use ex. Photoshop and paint a complete Room (room1.jpg)?

3.: Have somebody a really easy tutorial(german) how i have use the WME?

I know that is a long way but i want to make small steps and get knowhow before i write a complete story line and record characters audio.

Thank you very much for EVERY post.

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