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I'm planning to make sequels off the most popular adventure games Sierra ever made, because they don't planned to do it, i will do it.

My first game will be a Police Quest, for this game a'm looking for a grafix/art designer to make the background, object ect.

after this project i planning to make Larry suit Larry and Space Quest, all game will of course have an other name.

I prevere some  from the Netherlands, if you like the idee and you can help me please send a e-mail, if possible with a drawing you already made, to me

Musta Kaapu:
Hi and welcome to the forum!

It's alwasy nice to see people with ideas and energy to carry them out. So that's why I'm begging you to slow down, so you wouldn't lose your interest in making games. I'm going to give you some tips in developing a game, I myself am not an professional game designer or anyway "in the scene" so these are just my personal views that I have found to be quite true.

First of all it's much easier to get people involved if you have a complete package ready or near completion. I mean that the storyline is written, dialogues are ready, you have some sketches of scenes, you know what kind of additional graphics you need. The basic idea behind this is that you know what you need. It's kind a dumb to ask an artist to draw a really megacool

Thanx for your reaction,

I was indied running a little bit fast,

Musta Kaapu:
I visited your page but my dutch is very poor (don't know any), so it didn't "open" to me. Maybe I'll just wait for the english version.  :P

I tried to visit the page but it is HUGE for my old modem. :( I waited for 10 minutes and the browser was still downloading. Please, when you put online the english version, make a simple html page, or people like me with modems won't be able to see it.

Also keep in mind that to create a game using trademarks is illegal (even if those names are from old games) and maybe someday a company (Sierra in this case) ask/order you to shut-down the project. An easy solution to that is to change the names completely and just keep the feeling of the original games, like hero6 team is doing. Anyway, I wish you good luck, and I am looking forward for the english translation. :)


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