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I'm a graphic artist (2D and 3D), and I've always wanted to work on a quality/ambitious adventure game project (whether quality is in the graphics or story). As long as the project's idea is good, the story has depth, and the puzzles are not too shallow.

The thing is, I also wanna particpate in shaping the overall graphical theme, and if the story is a lil bit vague, I can also help shape that as well. If anyone is interested, email me and we'll talk about the details.. I can also send samples of my art work just to see if the artwork suit the mood of ur game!!

Note: My artwork is a lil bit serious, so maybe it suits the mood of darker games, although i'm willing to work on comic style games as well..

- Meena
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I've done some 2d and 3d commissioned art work in the past. though now  mostly for my own entertainment and enjoyment.
however I thought I'd add a useful link for artist hunters.

here is my own gallery there:


another great artist site is (but that site goes without saying.

anyways, I hope you find this post helpful.

Wow :) Your Style would be awesome to create a comicstyle horror-adventure....Thumbs up :)

Hi all  :), we are a team of 3d game artists searching for programmers/a team to join..


Hi, we are a team of artists with a lot of experience in adventure games. Take a look at our website.


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