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Lets start from beginning...

How it started
I am with wintermute engine from 2005.
At start I made 2.5D game, but when WME Lite came out, there was some limitations for this, so I completely abounded that project and switched to something else.
I was trying to make some functional game, and three times changed general idea of game, now I was trying to make iOS game.
Of course I wanted to make commercial version of game so I kept this in mind when made game, but as I am only one with full time job, it was kind of impossible.

Was trying to gather some money on kickstarter, but...

Anyway, this game project is laying on shelf with dust and I this maybe this could be some good start to reborn this game.
So I will try to gather some bigger development group with dedicated people (unpaid), will make available source code, will organize development process.
And most important part release this game for free on Appstore and for Windows.

About game
One of general ideas about game was that it should not be standart quest game but Rendered 3D Dimetric platformer with RPG/quest elements,
so I made title sets on with game can be constructed, there is lot of Tile set themes to jet implement.
Some tilests:
I only tested is it possible to make such type of game on this engine and it is, was compiled for iOS was as preview on Appstore.

What done so far
Conversation mechanism vith images depending on mood
Tileset layout for two stages - can make new stage in 5min.
Sound on footsteps depending on surface
Inventory mod for touch devices

Game story
Story starts in 1963 in some test facility where some assistant teleports himself in space and time on space ship and his jorney starts there.

So I am looking for all kind of people:

At this point game dont have solid storyline, only general idea of game ecosystem.

3D and 2D

There is lot to implement
as idea was to implement some action/rpg elements as guns, tactical moves.

I also attached game runtime so you could check what kind of game is it planed to be.
Game can be downloaded here:

What is your opinion should I release source code to public and gather freelance developers?


Thous are for iOS, as I mentioned this was primary made for iOS, so these libraries needed for that, those are left over I forgot to delete them.
Also iOS has some limitations for download from AppStore with cellular network, it was 50MB, don't know is there any changes now.
So tile-sets are good way to minimize size of all data files, because same image can be used several times.

I can help write the story :)
I am a professional game designer.
Feel free to check out my LinkedIn.

check out my game:

Let me know if you need my writing and game design skills.

Myles Blasonato.

Will you release the source?


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