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Find a team for your next project easily on Ludust


Hi everyone! My name is Nick and I recently launched a website called Ludust ( for game developers to easily find a team to work with (artists, musicians, script writers etc).

The site has been going for just over a week now and we have had a lot of talented people sign up looking for a game development project to join. I would love a few more projects on the site so if you want to find people to work with on your current or next project please come and check us out! Or if you are looking for a project to join, we have those too.

The site is free and once you are in a project you get access to a bunch of team tools such as team forum,wiki,uploads,public blog etc.

Any questions of feedback is incredibly welcome!

Great idea! My project isn't far along enough to post, but hopefully this site picks up some steam.


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