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Developer needed to move current game project over to IOS


Hi Forum,
            I am nearing the end of a game project I am creating using WME (only 6 months to go), it is a 2D game and I wish to see how it would work on IPAD, IPHONE, Andriod devices.

So I am on the look out for a person to join the team who has Knowledge of Mac and WME LITE and could transfer the game to these devices.

Web site:

Any takers?

Please let me know.

Thanks Forum!

Is this paid?

Hi Piere,
            Once a demo has been converted of the project to run on IPAD then discussions regarding the full game running on IPAD/Android TABLETS can be addressed which would include costs and payments.

So the answer is yes it would be paid once a demo version converted has been shown.

Thanks for the interest.

         I have not heard back from you, shall I take it your not interested?



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